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Fibro related to RA and Lupus
3 Replies
samantha90 - May 14

Hi Everyone,
I have noticed that a lot of you have mentioned that once you were diagnosed with Fibro that later you ended with either RA or Lupus or both. Is there a connection with the diseases? I am so young and I have fibro, so I am worried that the disease would take its course that way.


Razzilou - May 15

Hi Samantha ~ I don't believe there is necessarily a progressive correlation between FM and autoimmune diseases such as RA, Lupus, Sjogrens. Those autoimmune disorders are believed to be genetic in origin, while FM appears to be related to a disorder in pain signalling mechanisms in the brain (tho' there isn't certainty about the complex nature of the disease yet and there isn't a lot of research money available for FM).

You may be advantaged in some ways be being so young with the diagnosis ~ I think we're all more adaptable when we're younger and living with FM really requires that we adapt to the changing symptoms and develop strategies to treat the symptoms while living with a largely mysterious disease.

My experience is that "mind over matter" makes a huge difference in living with FM ~ just being determined not to let it ruin your life ~ to figure out ways to help yourself feel better in increments rather than counting on a wholesale "fix". Attitude really is everything in not letting it defeat you.

Good luck and hang in there!
Razzilou Annapolis, Md.


belle1329 - May 15

HI Razzilou,
I believe attitude is everything! And I just keep going day to day and Im not stopping! Exercise is a big part, rest and avoid stress if possible, and sometimes diet. There are sometimes when I dont feel I have fibro, and then some days it knocks me off my feet! Ive avoided taking perscriptions, they just dont seem to agree with me, I do take advil for pain and the one for sleep, it helps a bit sometimes. But I am not going to stop fighting! Great advice to Smanatha! :-)


samantha90 - May 15

Thank you! I am trying my best at the moment to keep positive!



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