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Fibro and the nursing profression
2 Replies
NurseStacey - October 20

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have been a been a bedsibe nurse for over 10 years which includes quite abit of heavy lifting. I have found that I have pain with lifting my friends small children let alone 200 pound patients which i frequently do alone. At this point nursing as I know it does not look like a viable career option for me, as far as what i have regaurding coping statagies. What do others think?


Glenno - October 27

Hi Stacey, I know how you feel. I completed my nursing degree early this year after 4yrs study, only to find I cannot physically do the work due to the pain, fatigue and foggy thinking. At my age (49) I am seriously thinking of applying for a disability pension and forgetting about my dreams of a career in nursing, but it's difficult to convince family of the seriousness of the illness. I have learnt that I have to advocate for my own needs even within family and the few friends I have left. I am hoping to study more and get into a part time counselling role, working around the flare ups of symptoms as best I can. Best wishs as you learn and plan ahead, Glenn


jahennick - January 12

I am a RN,5ft,2in,95 lbs. Before that, I was a ER paramedic. Much lifting, most often with no help. The last thing I did before I became officially disabled in my mind, was try to pull a patient up in the bed (she was sliding down). This lady was about 15 lbs heavier than me, but when I tried to move her, my L trap just cramped up like a charley horse in your calf! Pain!!!! Since then, it has only gotten worse (frozen shoulder, R shoulder/arm involvement),I have not been able to work or do much of anything since. It took awhile to get a doc to do anything, but I was finally diagnosed with FMS. It only took about 25 yrs.!Very frustrating. It also took over 2 yrs to get disability approval(SSD).So I would apply for SSD asap if you are worried about the ability to do your job. I can not pick up a full gallon of milk with my L hand, and barely with my R. And the foggyness! I am so glad I do not have to work anymore because my memory is SOOOOO bad, I am terrifed of killing someone. Good Luck!



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