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Fibro and Pregnancy
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VJackson1982 - January 21

Hi there,

I am 28 years old, and would really like to have biological children. However, I am scared to carry a baby after hearing about the stories of pain and then not being able to do anything for it:S

I understand there's a 'chance' of remission, but I also do not want to suffer through a pregnancy without some form of relief.

The after part that comes with having a baby also scares me. I don't want anyone else to have to raise my kids because mommy is almost always not feeling well, in one way or another.

I would love to hear any positive stories or ways to deal with these 'paranoia's' because being a mom has always been on my mind. I don't want to have to give it up.


lucky13 - February 4

The thought of carrying a baby can be scary, Fibro or not.
I have 4 kids, I was diagnosised with Fibro before getting pregnant with my last 2 kids. I am a super busy lady, 4 kids (ages 11, 4, 16mths and 3mths) I work full time and I'm trying to finish my 4yr degree. Honestly some days I probably wouldn't get out of bed if it weren't for my kids.

Being pregnant was wonderful for me. It's so magical to have this little person growing inside of you, feeling it move as it grows and knowing there is a special bond no one else can share is just amazing. Now I did feel some fatique during my pregnancy, but that is normal for pregnant women anyway. But 7 of those 9 months was like a vacation from flares. My flares started coming back in the last wks of my pregnancy, and if you don't breast feed you can start your meds right after delivery. I chose not to breast feed since I have the pain issues with Fibro i was affraid that BF would be too painful, or take too much out of me making my flares worse.
While pregnant I took Tylenol to help any aches or pains I may have had, and I also enjoy yoga so I did that as well.
If having a baby is what you want to do, then do it. Fibro or not, every mommy has to ask for help sometimes. When I have bad days, I find quiet stuff to do with the kids like lay around watching movies, playing cars or coloring, anything I can do while resting. I also nap when the kids are napping.
Good luck, just remember, Fibro has stolen enough from you, if having kids is a dream, don't let Fibro steal that to.



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