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FIbro and Epstein Barr virus?
33 Replies
AngieB38 - December 23

I was diagnosed with FM,EBV and chronic fatigue approx 6 years ago. I am 38 years old. I have never had children and never in a really bad accident. I have been in a few but dont recall any whiplash. I had chickenpox in the eighth grade and they were pretty bad and lasted two weeks. I dont ever recall having mono. I do have two cousins and three aunts all on my fathers side that have been diagnosed with FM. I dont recall what my numbers were for the EBV test. That was done by the neurologist that diagnosed me with FM. I am going to see a Rhematologist that specializes in FM on the 30th. I hope he can help me in some way. I get tired of the pain and fatigue but try to keep going. I hope to change professions within the next 6 months and I am a little worried due to the FM. The list goes on and on. Thanks for listening :-) Merry Christmas!!


jrzgirl - January 29

Hi. I was diganoised with Epstein-Barr, but I do not have the symptoms of it, I had a ton of blood work done, but the Dr will not discuss the results with me, I was told that I was in the recovery stage of EB, the symptons that made me go to a Rhuematolgist are freezing cold feet/toes, hands, nose plus pain all over my body, my hands are blotchy red in the morning,does anyone have these problems. Thanks for listening This all started after wrist surgery and got worse after I broke my foot in Jan 09


snowflurree - January 29

About 8 years ago I got the flu and one night I got a terrible pain in my right side of my throat. Ended up losing my voice for about 3 months. Went to 3 doc's that said it was laryngitis. I knew it wasn't and finally went to a specialist that said I had a virus that caused a paralyzed vocal cord. I got my voice back after 3 months but the muscle pain and joint,spinal pain in my back has never left me. This was the connection, I'm sure of it. I am never without pain and take lots of pain meds that only help slightly. But what else is there to do....?



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