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Fantod, etc, ON THE MEND
10 Replies
canadacalling - May 31

Just a short note to say that 3 weeks today I had my colectomy, and the news was supposedly good. I am going to the Surgeon tomorrow. She already confirmed this while in hospital, but you know what I am going to ask her again, plus lots of other questions. I am truly blessed, and thankful to God.

Just wanted you to know I had not left the site.

Down but not out.....Love to all, S.


Fantod - June 1

Susan - I was just thinking about you! I am so glad to hear that the news is good and that you are healing well. Be sure to allow as much time as you need to get back on your feet. I'm thinking about you and sending well wishes your way!!


January - June 1

Very glad to hear you got the all clear from the surgeon. That is excellent news! Take good care of yourself. : )


canadacalling - June 1

Oh, and I am glad to hear from you as well. The surgeon said today, I can do three things, go to my pain clinic for needles, a massage, and can start to drive again after 3 weeks - not too anxious as yet for that.

I am having one thing after this operation, is that I have heartburn, and difficulty swallowing, so she is going to do barium series on me soon. That's good, because I have always had the heartburn and burpy up-only occassionally, but now it is no joke. Everything else went well, and I am getting help with Meals on Wheels 3 times a week, and a housekeeper for laundry and washing because of the bending down. Only 1 x a week though as it is expensive as well. It still hurts.
Again, thanks for writing to me. Pls. drop a line again, Fantod. God Bless each of you.


January - June 1

Hi there canada…. So glad to hear you have got a little extra help around the house. It is very, very hard to maintain when you are incapacitated for a while. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Fantod - June 2

Susan - You are doing really well considering everything that you've been through and all the stress that comes along with it!

I'm glad to hear that you have fresh food everyday and someone to help with laundry and so on. It may be expensive but that is a far sight better than you trying to manage it yourself and setting yourself back.

I know that it is hard to be patient especially since the weather is getting nicer. Who wants to be stuck inside and so on. Take your time - the outside world can wait. To the extent that it is possible, enjoy this quiet time.

I had foot surgery almost two years ago now. I was in the house and off of my feet for 10 days. Nothing like lying in bed staring at a white ceiling.... I could get up long enough to use the loo and that was pretty much it. I had a rolling cooler next to my bed with water, soda and little snacks. I had my computer on a rolling desk so I could still rule the world via the Internet etc. My family brought me meals.

When it was all said and done, I enjoyed my monastic existence. It gave me time to reflect on things, do little projects that I could never seem to find time for, and reconnect with myself. The world is too busy these days and it is easy to lose sight of what you need.

Eat cookies, enjoy some Earl Grey (my favorite) wiggle your toes and keep it simple until you feel really ready for this rough and tumble world. xo


canadacalling - June 2

Just need a bit of information on Restless Leg Syndrome. I am being bothered big time with it, especially since being home. It has happened twice in the day when I want to rest, and once at night.

I have read and did some researching on it, but they don't seem to manage to say much about it. It is driving me crazy. The onlly drug they mention is Tegretol. Any suggestions on that?


Fantod - June 3

Hi Susan - I'm sorry to hear that Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is bothering you. I have that as well. Mine is not too bad but the timing is always really annoying when it starts to act up.

I have noticed that sometimes mine is aggravated by certain things that I have eaten like sugar. You might want to keep track just to see if something specific triggers it.

I did some digging around on the Internet and there are several medications used to treat it: Requip, Smemet, Permax, Mirapex, Palodel among others. In the USA, we see ads on TV for Requip all of the time. From what I read, it takes a bit of tinkering to find the right drug and doseage to reduce the symptoms. You should talk to your doctor about this. It is crucial that you are able to rest especially while you are healing from surgery.

This is just a thought, but I am wondering if something as simple as Malic Acid might work. This is a pill that is a combination of magnesium and malic acid that stops muscle twitching and cramping. It is recommended for FMS. I use it twice a day (morning and night) to keep my muscles relaxed. You can find it online or at any health food store. I use 2 825 mg pills a day. Maybe that would be enough to settle your legs down.

We have had 3 absolutely lovely days in a row here in MI. I've been outside on lawn manuvers with my helper. I over did it so I am using my wheelchair today. I may be a wreck but my property is looking pretty spiffy. Hopefully, I'll be up and out of my chariot tomorrow. I think of you often. Enjoy the weekend!


Fantod - June 22

Hi Susan - I'm just checking in to see how you are coming along. I hope that you are making very good progress and able to get out of the house a bit. Keep us posted. Take care.


Fantod - July 9

Susan - How are you?


canadacalling - July 24

FFantod: I am fine, but sadly, I have neglected my friends on this site, no excuse. Summer is very hot here, and I stay in the house reading. We have a pool in our area subdivsion, and I go for exercises on Tuesday, small pool, salt water though and it is quite good. Taught by a resident.

I am being allowed to go to Rocester, Michigan soon!!!!, and see my grandkids. You know I had a fall out with the daughter in law, but I miss the children, as they are growing up so fast. David is 13 and volunteering at a summer camp, next next year he will be a full time counsellor and receive a few $. I am proud. My son, said I could come down anytime, but still has to get confirmation from the Boss on what days. I would have to stay in a motel and visit away from the house - have you heard of anything so stupid. oh well, I did want to get back to you when I saw you latest note dated July 9th - that is bad!!. I promise to be better now. Love to you and hope you are surviving the summer because I know in Michigan you have almost what we do here in southwestern Ontario. Talk again, and sooner. Susan



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