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Duped by the Doctors Again
6 Replies
Rahiin - December 24

Hello everybody. I put in a recent post that I had an appointment with a pain management doctor. Well yesterday was the appointment day. I put in the clinic's address to do a mapquest on it, but it didn't come up. It didn't have a building for that address. I thought that was weird but it could've been an honest mistake.
So then I called the clinic's number to check if I had the correct address. It was some guy's random cell phone number! By this time I thought it still could've been an honest mistake, but a big coincidence if it was. So, then I called my regular clinic's number to find out what the heck was going on, but they wouldn't answer their phones! I checked the website, and they were opened on the 22nd. I left 2 messages, but they never got back to me.
So in short I missed the apointment, and I have the suspicion that the doctors did this to me on purpose. It could've been an honest mistake, but I've been duped by many doctors numerous times, so I have learned to trust my instincts.
Also I really needed this appointment. My condition is getting worse by the day. I didn't even know it could get this bad; I am holding out a lot longer than I ever imagined that I would. My grades for the end of the semester were horrible, I just couldn't function well enough to get good grades, and the situation at my job is not fairing any better. I do not know what to do and would appreciate any advice that anyone has. Thank you.


oktoberlady - December 26

Have you seen a Rhumatologist? They deal the best with this disease. Are you on any meds, even OTC? Try salt soaks in the tub. It can provide you with a little relief. Not much, but a little. I buy my salts from cleopatraschoice, a web site that specializes in bath salts. They're a bit pricy, but they do help me. I get the eucalyptus(sp?) scent for the best relief. Until you find a doctor you can trust, that's the only relief I can offer you. Hope this helps.


Rahiin - December 27

Yes, I have seen 3 Rhuematologists, one of them was the doctor that diagnosed me with fibro. But unfortuantly my clinic denied my request to see a new Rhuematologist, (I recently moved.)
I am on Lyrica and Ambien. I don't have a tub but I have heard that those salts work very well. I use my school's hot tub in lieu of that. It works fairly well for a few hours.
Do you know why the salts help so much? I am curious.


axxie - December 27

Ralin, maybe it was a clinic that closed down, after you got all your appointmet, why would a doctor dupe you, it doesn't make sense.

You say you are in school, are you at college, if yes, don't they have a clinic, go see them.

As for the first rheumy, they are well qualified to give a diagnosetic of fibromyalgia, why is it, that you need a second opinion?

If you can give us more information, about how you came about having a diagnostic of fibromyalgia we can help you figure out what you need next.

Often times, people expect miracles with doctors, a doctor can only do so much.

Keep a diary of how you feel, describe the pain, describe what you were doing prior to having the pain, describe what you have been drinking or eating, and what kind of life style you have.

As for the medication, keep the same diary, took this pill at 8a.m. the other taken at same time, or later that day, I eat a full breakfast, or empty stomach, if you take any other medicaiton write it down, do you take allergy pills, or tylenol or some vitamins, also write it down.

Write what a typecal day is for you, you can write that you are in college, etc, you have courses from this time to this time, you work write that down, write when you eat, and what you eat, and what you drink.

The medication you are taking, may not fit you, many times medication has to be tweak to fit your lifestyle and your pain.

Then go back to the doctor armed will all that information, do not whine at the doctor and do not present yourself if you are even going to be emotional, it's a real turn off. Present facts, and talk openlen with your doctor and see what the next step is.

I guarantee you, that the doctor will have an interest and will help you. But don't just think that going to see the doctor and say your pills don't work and I need drugs to kill the pain, the doctor will say


Rahiin - December 28

Hmmm is possible that the clinic closed in the week in-between when I got the referral and the day of the appointment? That would be a very huge coincidence, but I will look into if any clinics in the area have closed.
I have been to the clinic at my college, but it is only a mental health facility, not a physical one. They just have therapists and psyhchiatrists there.
You're right, I don't need a second opinion, but I do need a doctor to stay with me and develop a health plan, persribe medicine, etc. The first rhuemotologist just said that diet, excerise and sleep would be enough to help me, with no medicine requiered, but I ended up in the ER for two weeks after that because that advice obviously wasn't enough to get me to a functioning state. The 2nd one thought I was making all the symptoms up and didn't give me anything, and the 3rd one just gave me the Lyrica. He thought that was sufficient. But it wasn't.
All the rhuemotologist did when he diagnosed me was he asked me my symptoms, and did the 15 pressure point test that doctors frequently use to diagnose fibro.
I do keep a journal about how I feel each day, what I ate, my pain level, etc. Do not know the point of keeping one, but many people, like you, have recommended that I do, so I do.
I have done what you have suggested before, have additional information about fibro, my journal, not being emotional etc, and I have gone to, no exageration or drama here, 75 different doctors, and none of them have helped me. So my experiences have told me different than what you say, but it is probably because we have had different experiences with doctors.
But I will keep trying. Thanks.


axxie - December 28

Rahiin, wow, I never thought should crass doctors. Have you tried finding a doctor on the web site. Can your insurance provider help you with doctor names. Even a good general physician can be as good as any rheumy.

If you have arthritis pain, go to the pharmacy and get some liquid calcium, mix with orange juice and drink every morning, you feel the difference in a few days.

Also would recomend, one purified fish oil blend 1,000mg, on vitamin E 400UI, and one PD Daily Webber Health, great to keep your blood glucose sugar and helps with weight management and the very last one multi vitamin.

I wish I could give you more info, I just can't beleive that doctors could be so crass, as you know it's a two way contract that you have with your health care provider and you should get a doctor who will listen and try to help you with your pain management.

I wish for you find a great doctor in the New Year.


oktoberlady - January 4

I'm told that it's something to do with the minerals in the salts work with your body to draw out pain. How it works I don't know, I just know that it does. What dose of Lyrica are you on? I'm on 200mg twice a day and I do fine for the most part.



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