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does anyone feel alone
8 Replies
Marge Staffa - December 31

When I need the most support. I feel no one cares. I finally started feeling good with the medicine . My family feels that I get doped up. I start exercing on a ball and i get told that I will fall off and hurt myself. does anyone else get treated like this. does any one feel that they need support. What do you say back when people get get on your nerves I use to be strong but feel like giving up. I feel alone and and need support


13tracy13 - January 1

I understand how you feel. Last night my husband and I had an argument, and he told me he feels my fatigue is complete BS. I feel so lost, if I can't get the help and support from my family where am I suppose to turn? What happened to for sickness and in health? I do feel like giving up at times, and if I didn't have 2 kids to care for there would be days I wouldn't get out of the bed, they keep me going. It really sucks to feel so alone.
I don't know what to say back, I don't know how to make them understand.
Good luck with your situation at home, and know you are not alone.


Taleese - January 2

Marge you are not alone. I totally understand the "doped up" remarks. My husband tells me I need to get off the pills as do others and its all about diet and exercise and my mom will even come over to check on me to make sure i am not "doped up" cause she has a friend that that is all she does do take pills and sit on the couch.
Please don't give up, know you can come here and talk and get things off your chest and to those of us who understand you exactly.
I too have days where I feel so alone or worthless and think I could just give up. However I have 7 year old twins one whom is autistic and them boys keep me going, they make me get up and go and want to fight. It makes me sad though when they ask when will i be better so we can play like we use to.
When people get on my nerves or upset me I usually just walk away and go take a warm bath and lock the door or go to my room and read. Fighting back will only stress you out more and more then likely cause more pain.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and if you want let me know I can give you my email.
Happy New Year and stay strong, your worth it.


justachick - January 5

I feel so alone most of the time. I am finding this is a good site to reach out to others that really do GET it.

You are not alone and neither am I.


Marge Staffa - January 6

justachick ,
thanks for your encouragement. I am new to this sight and Its nice to find a people who care


Marge Staffa - January 6

I found when my kids were that age it was very easy. When the kids were little i read so many stories and prayed they would bring home homewrk so I could sit by them. I also brought them to the Ymca so I get sit in the sauna. and when I brought them to the to religios ed I would go to the church an pray.and prayed it would go away.
thankyou for being there and making me not to feel alone


Marge Staffa - January 6

thanks for the prays. Just keep going I know How it feels to have little ones with this problem. Maybe I am sitting and feeling sorry for myself. thanks Marge.


Anyone understand? - January 25

I have recently become diagnosed with FMS and find it is so difficult to understand what is happening to my body. I have recently had a day where I was in so much pain that I could not get out of bed all day and it terrified me. Everyday I fight to get out the door to work and continue with my everyday routine but find I have more and more things happening to me. I am trying to understand and read what this syndrome does to you and it seems like it is getting so much worse. I feel like my family and friends think I complain all the time so I try to keep my pain to myself and get so sad that no one understands. I tried to get my husband to read this website to understand what is happening to my body and he said no. I am really scared and cannot believe at 35 there are days I cannot walk. How do you do this alone? I guess that is what brought me here. Anyone that is willing to talk and share their story with me would be appreciated. I honestly am very scared and do not want my life to turn out this way. I then feel guilty saying that as there are others who are so much worse than I am with diseases and disabilities such as cancer and paralysis. I just want to cope and not feel so pitiful and in so much pain. Thanks for listening...


solanadelfina - January 26

Hello, and welcome. (Hug). I'm sorry to hear about how things are going so far. Fibro can be really scary when you're young (I'm twenty-four) but there are definitely things that can be done to improve our lives.

First off, this isn't something that anyone should have to go through alone. Talk to your family and friends about it. The more they understand, the less they will feel it's just "complaining". Sometimes they will want to know more to understand what you're going through, sometimes they get nervous and don't want to be involved at all. It's sad, but it happens. Also, there might be a good support group or counselor in your area if need be. See if your husband would be willing to come along to those or to your doctor's appointments.

Secondly, well, sometimes it becomes necessary to tweak the daily routine depending on what your body is telling you. Different things will work for different people. I depend on hot baths with the most yummy baths salts I can find, hot tea, stretching, and some Tramadol in the morning and Feldene at night. (And dumb humor. Can't forget the dumb humor.) Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what medications and lifestyle changes are best for you. Getting a good rheumatologist and family doctor on board can be a big help, and there is plenty of good info on this site and in the topics. Questions are beneficial to us all.

Lastly, all of our lives have changed because of this in various ways. But there are still things we can do, and we still have minds and hearts. I understand how frustrating and even embarrassing it can feel having trouble just walking (I get really nasty lightheadedness that lasts for hours and use shelves or walls for support in public) but it doesn't make me any less of a person. I get scared about my future, what it would be like to live by myself and finding a job to work around the fibro, but planning and a good rant when needed are like Epsom salts for the soul.

You are not alone in this. Don't feel guilty about talking about how you feel- it's important to deal with the fears and angers in a healthy way. And don't give up. A river that is somewhat diverted is still a river, like our lives. God bless.



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