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Does anybody else experience extreme body temperature swings
22 Replies
Fantod - October 20

Most people with FMS are very intolerant of temperature swings. Personally, high heat makes me almost irrational. It used to be just weather related but now I am having problems showering too. Sometimes, I have to take some time before I get dressed as well. I keep a fan close by so I can get the humidty out of the bathroom. It also seems to help level me out. All of the newbies should take a look at the column on the left. Under " Fibromyalgia Symptoms", look at "Aggravating Factors." Take care.


Fantod - October 21

BobbyNva- From your description of your finger nails turning purple, It sounds like you have Raynauds. Look at the column on the lefthand side of this page under " associated conditions." This is a condition associated with FMS. You should see a doctor about it. Take care.


realitytest - January 24

I don't know why I'm bothering because this is such an old thread and for all I know the site itself is defunct, but google something similar I found this post and felt compelled to reply.

You have just described "Raynaud's Rhenomenon" to a T - can be primary or secondary. There are a lot of diagnoses being tossed around here and I don't know just what you all are about except that I have heard fibromyalgia is an agonizing problem, among other reasons being that it's so often dismissed as "all in your head".

But as BobbyNVA has described his/her symptoms, that is Raynauds - caused (not entirely understood) by vasoconstriction in the extremities. I am a sufferer and depend on a paraffin bath (small heated basins), for relief. For me they are lifesavers.


Sonja44 - February 18

My body temp is usually 96.2 I am always cold. I sleep in three layers...first layer is silk long underwear (super soft)...second layer is a mid weight Under Armour...then comes fleece...with a hood and I use it...not to mention Smart Wool socks and a quilt plus a down comforter.'d think I lived in Siberia with no heat.

It doesn't help that I have a LOW blood pressure disorder on top of everything 88/52 isn't unusual. My lowest recorded BP was 78/46. I was so cold and so very week.

I'm going through Menopause and was looking forward to hot flashes...but so far they are no big deal...I just feel like a normal person with a normal temp. LOL


realitytest - February 18

Sonja44, you haven't indicated whether or not you've had your thyroid checked. It's a priority for you to rule/out before other investigations and above all, before more suffering such as you've described. And if your thyroid is low, why? (I.e., Hashimoto's?)

I wouldn't be surprised to hear you also have problems with weight gain, depression and cognitive issues too (concentration and memory).

Have you had your blood lipids checked? High cholesterol usually accompanies low thyroid conditions; with menopause, it's almost a foregone conclusion. An endocrinological work-up would certainly be in order! Not to be a problem seeker, but I believe in seeing more than one reputable endocrinologist especially for thyroid. Even readings within normal lab ranges, can be low for not a few individuals.

Speaking as someone with all the above, if you hadn't guessed! N.b., care must be taken with how one ingests thyroid, iron, calcium and estrogen. They MUST be taken hours apart, of the amount absorbed will be reduced because of transport competition - and excess thyroid can lead to bone thinning - again especially around menopause. Good luck!


feelinginsane - February 21

Thank God that I am not alone with this, I was really starting to think that I was seriously losing it. I really hate taking new issues to my Dr. as I feel as if she thinks I am crazy. Pain is something that is no way new to me as I have suffered with it since I was a child and could not find a reason behind the pain. This cold thing is really aggravating though for sure. I lay in my bed with heavy blankets pulled up to my chin and I literally shake vigorously. I to have reverted to wearing short sleeves at all times or loose fitting clothing and keep a hoodie within reach. As for the shower what I have started doing is I turn the water to cooler temp to help my body to cool down. It does seem to help but I must admit I need to get dressed faster to keep from going into freezing mode. Well I guess I will have to bring it up with my Dr. after all, I wish there were Dr.'s out there that just specialized in Fibro to save a lot of guessing at what is next.


mjduffy618 - October 9

I experience everything that many talk about on this forum. The one that makes me most irritated is the itching. I feel like someone is poking me with tiny needles all over my body and it makes me very itchy. I notice it mostly when I am tired. Does anyone else experience this?



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