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Does anybody else experience extreme body temperature swings
22 Replies
Itsmyturn - February 27

Hi. I just got out of the shower. I hate taking showers. I hate taking showers because of the extreme temperature changes I experience in my body. First I have to turn the heat up (if it's winter) and then I freeze when I first get in the shower even though the water is hot. During the shower, I have to constantly adjust the temperature of the water. Then when I get out, I get extremely hot and cannot get dressed for a while. This has become a real problem and stress for me and I am wondering if anyone has the same problem or has any answers. Thank you very much.!


david251180 - March 29

yes sometimes i will just be sitting watching the telly and all of a sudden start to sweat and feel very dizzy then my vision go's also it dosn't happen alot but wen it does i need to lie down and oftern it is accompanied by severe shakes excuse my spelling brain fried tonight not slept in days :( I also find that even on days which are well seem to be warm for everyone else i still need a big jacket and even then may still feel very cold it is but a pain in the ..... but yet another in a long list of very annoying symptoms which there is no treatment 4 lol


Marigold - April 17

Hello I am new, but I would like to say yes, me too. Very drastic temp fluctuations I tell my dr that my thermostat is broke. My poor hubby can't keep up with me turning the heat up one second then opening the window the next! Isn't it embarassing at a social event! I wear sleeveless blouses under a shirt and a sweater. On and off they go constantly all day. In case it might help you I find if I wear long soft cotton knee socks and soft loose long sleeve light tops it helps me to do less stripping and re-dressing.


moonpixie - April 19

I have felt for a few years now that I had a malfunctioning internal thermostat. I had no idea it might be linked to fibromyalgia! I hadn't even bothered to mention it to my doctor.


marydema - May 19

I thought I was going thru the change at 36! Well, guess I prolly can add this symptom to my list lol! I have had this stuff since I was young, even before my doctor diagnosed me with it. Always something new seems like.


azlady - June 14

I am new to the group too but I have also thought that my internal thermostat was broken. I am either sweating or freezing. I turn the fan on and off all day at work. Then at night the covers are up and they are down. I am 54 and don't have to go thru the change because I had it done surgically 23 years ago. I just can't get a comfortable temperature. It is embarrasing too that I have sweat running down my back and face or wearing a sweater.


jackiemac - June 17

I also have frequent temperature changes. In fact I have it almost timed 11 am, 3pm and 7pm every day. I recently bought a handheld fan from Brookstone that I carry with me at all times. With the hot flashes I usually have dizzy spells - not idea how to control this though - good luck


skydreamer55 - July 20

Yes, I find myself all of a sudden getting very cold, I know it's not the room it's me, like I am freezing and have to get in bed under the covers. If it's winter I tell someone to turn up the heat or even get the space heater. Others come into my room and wonder why it's so hot. If it's summer I turn down the A/C and get under the covers, often I then go to sleep. When I wake about 1-2 hours later I am getting hot. It's like someone turned up or down my body temp. I always thought this was from my anemia. But today I read something about this on this website under the Firbo information, now I can't find exactly where it was. It is the first time I have heard about this being associated with Fibro.


skydreamer55 - July 20

is where I saw the description of extreme cold feelings, that is about neuropathy which has similiar symptoms to Fibro and I have diabetes also so I was checking and reading about both.


BrittRae - August 1

I understand. I have terrible hot sweats for no reason. I thought it was just my crazy body. That is just one of the many problems I have.


BrittRae - August 1

I forgot to also mention that I have terrible skin-crawling sensations in the shower. Does anyone know what I am talking about??


Robin1237 - September 20

I think we all have Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. Go read at www.lymenet/org/FlashDiscussion/MedicalQuestions. Also it''s a possiblility that some of us might have a coinfection like babesia, bartonella or ehrlichia that can also cause temperature changes. You need to get tested for these diseases by a knowledgeable doctor who also knows how to treat them.The folks at lymenet can help you find knowledgeable doctors.


trans - September 25

I would agree about the wild temperature fluctuations, I feel like I am living in a different climate than everyone around me. Profusely sweating most of the time. It does wear ya down. Take care


dchristi - September 25

Hi, I'm not quite that bad, but I do react to temperature; especially cold. My doctor prescribed nephedapin (?) which is used for tingly toes and fingers. It works wonderfully on my ears which react the most. The meds work in a way that allows more blood flow.


BobbyNva - October 9

I don't have problems in the shower but my hands and feet do turn cold (even in warm weather) without warning. Sometimes my fingernails turn purple but not often. I almost think blood stops flowing to these extremities but don't know what triggers it.


How to Survive - October 13

I thought I was made itsmyturn till I read your question. Yes especially I have the problem of not beeing able to get dressed for awhile as I'm too hot even in winter. My husband says its just because I have the water too hot, which I dont, and I dont even have a heater on in the bathroom. Its a huge stress especailly trying to get out the dooor for an appointment. Even trying to put on make-up it seems to just slide of my face, so easier not to bother. But its also other times, just sitting I can get really hot or really cold and it can vary in minutes, feet and hands burning, legs and thighs buttocks freezing at the same time. Nice to know I', not so weird after all, I just thought maybe it was menopause along with the night sweats.
Good luck with this and any other symptoms you're suffering. IT HAS TO GET BETTER!


Fantod - October 20

Most people with FMS are very intolerant of temperature swings. Personally, high heat makes me almost irrational. It used to be just weather related but now I am having problems showering too. Sometimes, I have to take some time before I get dressed as well. I keep a fan close by so I can get the humidty out of the bathroom. It also seems to help level me out. All of the newbies should take a look at the column on the left. Under " Fibromyalgia Symptoms", look at "Aggravating Factors." Take care.



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