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doctors in my area
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brittany - January 4

i am 22y/o and i have not been diagnosed with fms but am looking for a doctor in my area that may could help me. i have tried several diffrent medications for my fatigue and body aches plus medications for sinus problems and headaches, and nothing has helped. i have had every blood test imaginable for reason why i am so tired and hurting all the time. i am a nurse and i had another nurse to mention this illness to me and suggested that i be tested for it. so i am looking for a doctor in either alexandria, louisiana or shreveport,louisiana, or ruston, louisiana. i also have a 4y/o daughter that asks me, "Mommy why do you sleep all the time? Why wont you come outside and play me?" it breaks my heart that i am not able to enjoy my childs life, because she may be the only child i have. my husband wonders why i never feel like being intament with him, and its because i'm so tired. my fatigue and pain is ruining my life and i am so young to be having these problems. please can someone help me?


Jean - January 4

Hi Brittany: You will need to find a Rheumatologist in your area. He/she will diagnose you if you have this condition and help you understand your condition and medications you may be put on. He/she will not be your primary doctor possibly so you will need a good GP who understands this condition. Then since you have a child and husband they will need to be educated in your condition so they will understand why you are unable to do certain things and why you are tired. Once you start your treament start doing easy stretching exercises, you do not want to stay stationary, you have to keep moving or your muscles will get worse. Keep a pain journal daily so you can show it to your doctors and you will have more than one as time goes on but the best news I can give you is that if you do have this it is not life threatening or crippling, it's just a life changing episode you will have to deal with hopefully with the help and support of your medical team and family and friends. Good Luck and come back and let us know how you are doing. :) smile



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