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Do I have Fibro or something else?
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DaysofThundr46 - May 23

Lately, ive been noticing i have a lot of little problems. issues i find to be a little concerning. Ive been doing some research, and, some of them link to fibro, but, others are unexplained. Ill breakdown my situation:

For a while now, my muscles are ALWAYS tight/tense. If i get a message, im screaming due to the pain being relived from my muscles. But, the odd thing is, its ALL my muscles. Not just my neck, its my back, thighs, ankles, etc. I would need a massage daily to feel better.

Ive been getting a lot of sores lately. Particularly on my face. Ive had a case of bad acne, but, its since been gone for 5 years. I have a history of cold sores on my mothers side, but, ive been getting them off the lip area.

My lower back, around my tailbone, is sore. i dont think its the muscle though.

I sometimes walk like an old man. Ill shuffle or limp, and not really feel like doing much of anything but laying down.

Im stressed, a lot. My job could be tough, but, i love it. Im going through a lot right now. I changed shifts at work, my sleep is changed, im buying a condo, etc.... but, im more stressed then normal. My mood also changes at the flick of a switch. With certain people, im moody, ill get depressed over nothing. Sometimes i have no idea why im "down", and, the simplest thing will get me back going again.

On the flip side...

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I work out, run the treadmill a mile or so, lift weights, etc... for about an hour. I take a hot shower after, and, i usually feel really good. I feel looser and more refreshed. I started working out about 3 months ago. though, ive had these symptoms way before then. I can easily pick things up and such.... though often afterwards, my muscles hurt, and i feel like i had to pick up a mack truck. Im not out of shape, i have a decent upper body/legs, and im only 147lbs at 5ft 11 inches tall.

So, im trying to figure out whats wrong with me. Is it fibro? is it something else? Just trying to gather opinions before I saw a doctor on this.



DaysofThundr46 - May 24

Ignore this... posted in the wrong section



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