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Disability for sufferers who cannot work.
15 Replies
lassadvocates - May 23

Do you know about your ability to get Social Security Disability Benefits if you are unable to work anymore? Please allow us to help you. We are located in Los Angeles CA.

contact (at)




Sonja44 - May 27

Excuse me...but this is a Support Group...Not a advertising forum. I may be out of place...but this doesn't seem to be appropriate. Shame on you.


Fantod - May 27

I'll second that - shame on you for using our support forum to advertise your services.


axxie - May 28

I nominate that - no advertising for our support forum. We are not impressed!!! Shame on you.


fibrospirit - July 12

i see where you guys are coming from, im a newbi to FM and approaching someone about a disability benifit is freaking me out-i am under the impression that due to the ambigious nature of FM getting a DB is near impossible.i live in australia,so the above 'advertisment' is irrelevent to me,but its reassuring to know there are agentcies that assist with this.


terry527 - September 17

I dont understand why yall or so upset. I would love to find someone in my area that would be willing to help me. It would be nice to have a support group that would help with disability. Does anyone know of such a group if so where do I find it. My mind is so gone i sometimes cant even write my name let alone fill out forms.


ptalana - September 17

While I don't live in the U.S (I live in Canada) I'm also not understanding why everyone is so upset. A big part of being supportive is having all the info we can get our hands on. As a person who was very independant both physically and financially I have had to go almost a year now with no pay!!!! This has been devestating for my family. And waiting for approval( or not ) from disability has left me in a state of FLUX!!!!
Sorry if I'm out of line, I just think it's important for all to know what agencies are out there that could help!!! I know my doctor doesn't have a whole lot of info in this regard, although he does try to find out for me (I'm not his only patient) and getting poorer by the day:( I totally appreciate all the info and support we can give to one another. Before finding this site I had no idea that there were so many people going thru, and feeling the same way that I was.
Terry I go to a monthly support group for FMS that my doctor refered to me, maybe your doc will have some info on this for you. You could also do a google search on-line typing in where you live, you may come up with something that way.
Take care all, Patty


Sonja44 - October 5

The point is Advertising is usually paid for by an agency to promote their services...vs using a free support forum designed specifically for Fibro sufferers.

I'm all for supportive agencies...but they can pay for their advertising like every other agency...or we may end up with every posting being from agencies using our support forum for free advertising. It's not appropriate.


Fantod - October 5

terry527 - If you need help determining if you would qualify for Social Disability go online to Allsup. They do all of the paperwork for you and will help you through the process. I am working with them and they have been very easy to work with and nice to boot. A friend of mine used them and got disability in 6 months. Take care.


axxie - October 12

It's a no no to advertise your services on a support board. Maybe you can request advertising space on the board for a fee, otherwise we vote you off the board.


cprruby - October 19

It is always nice to know places that can help when we come to that point. But I agree with the others, this is a support group and they can pay for their advertising just like the other companies. I mean they do offer advertising on this site but they have to do it the right way and get their advertising section instead of taking up space for us that need each others support.


ptalana - October 20

Hi everyone, I just received my denial letter from CPP for my disability benefits. What do I do next???? My rheumy ignored 3 requests from Gov't for his report, they only relied on my gp who only reported my fibro and vertigo he didn't mention my spinal injury and mobility issues. I've been going through so many issues for the past four years following my accident, and am getting tired of not being taken seriously! I've paid into disability for the past 28 years never once making a claim, I just don't get it. I emailed the lawyer who is handling the case against my employer and of course no response yet. Meanwhile we are having so many financial issues at times we can't buy groceries!!! My hubby works so hard, and the guilt I feel about not being able to work is taking it's toll.
I live in Canada so using Allsup is not an option for me. Does anyone know of such an organization in Canada??? I plan on appealling this denial but I'm so discouraged by the lack of support I'm getting from my doctors. I'd appreciate any advice on what is the best route to take in my appeal.
Thanks guys, Patty:(


axxie - October 21

ptalana, I know what you mean about waiting, for processing and getting someone to take your case into consideration.

First thing, you know you are allowed for 13 weeks of UI, then you can ask that they review your case as an individual who wants to work, but cannot find work, (don't mention sick) you can get another 6 to 9 months of UI, that is if you worked the hours.

If you are in Ontario go to denial by design, you can google it, if not, write in disability denied in ontario, if you are in another province just change the province. You should be able to find help and support.

Good luck to you


ptalana - October 21

Hi axxie, thanks for your quick response to my plea for advice. Unfortunately my employer has put me on leave without pay for the past year, so unemployment is not an option. I do however live in Ontario and will google denial by design.
I find it so hard to keep fighting, it's been 4 yrs since my accident and I just want to be able to get the help I need. I know my life will never be the same as it was before, I just want to carve a new path for my life!
Thanks again for the info, take care
Patty :)


flangela - November 15

good dod there only trying to help the d b forms are hard to fill in so any help would be appresiated i live in england and would recomend the local benefits advice they are nothing to do with the benefits claim and there are in every area i have had d.b. for 4 years and i got while i was only suspected fibromyalgia,i am now diagnosed but everyone should be on it who is suffering i know i couldnt hold a job down now and my partner had to leave work to help me. so stop moaning how elsa are we meant to find these things out if people dont tell us ,JUST BE AWARE THAT YOU DONT GET CHARGED IT SHOULD BE A FREE SERVICE FOR FILLING IN FORMS BENEFITS ADVICE AND CITIZENS ADVICE ARE FREE SO GO THERE FIRST DO NOT PAY ANYONE FOR FILLING A FORM IN FOR YOU .


Canada17 - November 15

My initial reaction was that of the first few posters.

However, it dawned on me: If someone on here had been thinking about disability benefits but didn't have any idea where to start and was afraid of asking family members/friends for fear of how they might react; this would be beneficial.

Granted this firm probably makes money off of helping, otherwise it would be difficult to remain profitable.

This thread isn't threatening and I would imagine that the person who initiated it didn't mean any insult. If it helps someone, then that's what this forum is for, right?



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