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depression if frightening
3 Replies
Lorraine - September 17

I don`t know what to think, my GP thinks I have FMS due to symptoms & blood test showing muscle inflammation he has referred me to physiotherapist for assessement and treatment. But from the comments I`ve read here I`m not sure how physio can diagnose this. Apart from the awful pain & fatigue i`m really depressed, its affecting my family & marriage. I`ve seriously thought of ending it and still am. Has anyone else been like this and how did you get through it.


copy - September 14

Name: tonyab1838 | Date: September 10, 2005, 12:04 pm
Answer: I think that most people with FMS has depression. I know that I do and it started when the symptoms started. I put it this way chronic pain + sleepless nights + thinking your crazy= DEPRESSION. Anybody would get stressed out, especially when it takes so long to get diangosed. On top of this one of the symptoms of FMS can be depression. You are not in this alone. I hope that this helps. Just keep going and remember learn to live and love life. There are people that are important and you are one of them. Don't hurt the people you love by going away. Just a little something that I learned. Take care and God bless!!


copy - September 14

Lorraine, hang in there. I know how you feel. It is not in your head. The pain is very real. Please try to find nice things that you can do for yourself so you don't focus on the problem. Information is power as is looking for solutions. If you need sleep, just do it! Don't worry about what others think, you need to take care of yourself first now! I care! If you, or anyone else are in need a friend, e-mail me at [email protected] Please know that you are not alone! Hugs to you....


ann-Marie - September 17

Hi Lorriane,

Please don't give up. Like the majority of people with FMS I too have been at rock bottom. I was prescribed antidepressents but I am no longer on them. It is so true that information is power. My FMS diagnosis gave me something concrete that I could tell people I had rather than ..I feel achy today", I feel tired today, My head aches today...after a while people see you as a hypochondirac. Everyone on this forum is a battler. Sites like this give me the strength to go on. You are not alone. People care about you. WE care about you. Take care and please dont lose hopeXX



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