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Could my Fibro diagnosis really be MS?
6 Replies
IrishEyes682 - September 14

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia abbout 2 years ago, at the time I only suffered from the chronic pain all over and my fingers and legs from the knees down going numb. Over about the past year give or take it seams like the pain just keeps getting worse, the numbness has moved up my arms and legs and comes more frequently, I have black spots in my vision along with occasional blurryness and my hands are starting to shake for no reason. Does anyone have any opinion on this and how I can convince my Dr. to get me tested for MS if nothing else than to rule it out before I get divorced and my insurance stops?


January - September 14

Have you talked to your doctor about your new symptoms and asked for a test to rule out MS and other related diseases?


IrishEyes682 - September 14

Yes I have but this is a new doctor, not the one that diagnosed me because I moved, and she isn't to keen on hearing anything I have to say. Also, last night I could not sleep because I kept getting these surges going down both of my legs simultaniously like I was being paralized for a couple of seconds, now this started about 3 months ago and it happens for a couple of days than stops for a few weeks but this time it was so much stronger, any ideas on what this is?


January - September 19

Hi Irish Eyes - sorry to be so late responding. I'd suggest you get a notebook and start keeping a journal of your symptoms, especially if they move around or if they come and go. Note how you sleep is, how you feel in the morning, where the pain is, how bad it is, and the "quality" of the pain - like is it stinging, burning, aching, etc.? Try to figure out if certain foods aggravate it (a lot of us have food allergies - and sometimes food allergies take a few days to show up if they are causing you pain). Sometimes the weather - pressure or humidity - can aggravate pain.

Don't know what your medical situation is, but if you have a doctor that won't give you the time of day, and won't listen to you, hopefully you can move on to someone else who will listen to you! You could go back to the same person and demand that they listen - or you could ask around for recommendations on a doctor who is more responsive.

If you are able, you might want to write a letter to your insurance company and the medical board about your recent doctor's lack of adequate treatment. They don't know when doctors are slacking off unless we complain about it. If you are paying, you deserve to be treated, not dismissed. You might call your insurance company and explain that you went for help with a problem, and you got no help, or you were dismissed. Find out if the doctor billed the insurance company for treatment you did not receive (this does happen!); if so, ask about filing a complaint.


lucky13 - September 29

I agree with January, if you are able to, you need to find a Dr who will listen to you and take your request seriously.
Or maybe do your own foot work, find a neurologist and see if they (or your ins) requires a referel, if so go to your drs office with the neurologist's name and phone number and ask them to refer you there. Maybe if there is a friendly nurse there they can help you push the referel through (or if you can get the neurologist's staff to help you by calling your Dr and requesting the referel on your behalf).

MS, Lupus, Fibro, they all share symptoms or can mimic each other at times. I think it is smart of you to take your symptoms seriously, sometimes we (myself included) could easily assume what ever is bothering us is due to FMS(just because we have it and so much is still not known about it).
Don't give up, also check into your local laws about insurance and divorce, some areas it can be in the settlement that one spouse must carry the other's insurance if they always have before, or if the other spouse can not afford or have access to insurance.

Good luck


lucky13 - September 29

1-800-FIGHT-MS (1-800-344-4867)

Here is a number that may be able to help you find a Dr.


mshouleruk - January 15

I would like to add that in many cases MS can be undiagnosed Lyme Disease, which a large portion of our doctors are unable to correctly diagnosis. If you watch the documentary "Under Our Skin" you will see there is a serious epidemic that are doctors are ignoring.



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