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Confession time.
3 Replies
hiborox - April 26

So, I know this is terrible, but I came here to get this off my chest and talk to you guys. I'm just going to be open and say it frankly. My fibromyalgia diagnosis has triggered an eating disorder relapse...The lack of control is killing me. Also, the meds killed my appetite which lead to me not eating which led to this. Hopefully you wont judge me...I hate myself for it. I feel like my eating disorder may have given me fibro to start with. I have cursed myself for life, and I turned right back to the cause?

Feeling hopeless...


Jocelyn - April 26


Trust me when I say that I would, nor, do I feel anyone on this site would judge you. Medication can cause a lot of side effects. I am the opposite, as the stress from the Fibro sets in I eat out of control. I have gained so much weight I can't stand myself. I was always thin. So...what I did is stopped being so hard on myself. Then tried different methods to see if I could get my eating under control. It took many many moths, but I am starting to feel that I am getting control of my over eating. You need to do the reverse and start eating.

I just kept talking to myself and telling myself that if I did not stop eating I would kill myself and have a shorter life. I want to live, so I have finally talked myself into controlling what I put in my mouth. It isn't easy, it is still hard.

You need to talk to yourself and decide what type of future you would like to have. A healthy one or one that will shorten your life. Take one day at a time. Eat something each day that you really didn't care to eat, but try it. Try to make sure you take in some calories and maybe drink some ensure.

Your situation is dangerous for your body, so I would suggest you talk to a specialist in this area. Perhaps some counseling would help, or if people on this forum can help you that would be great.

You are not alone, many people have eating disorders, either eating too much, or not enough.

I have noticed that my Fibro has improved with my new gluten free diet, but I work at it all the time.

Is there any food that you like or is it you just don't feel like eating so you don't?

I'm afraid for your life if you don't eat, Your body will fail you. Please write back and let me know how you are doing. Even if you want to have someone on the forum talk to you personally.

if you want you can always call me at home. I know I cannot put a phone number in, but I will see if I can code it. A978B686C0507, Take the letters out.

Please keep in touch. I do care!


January - April 30

hiborox - like Jocelyn says, we are not here to judge you! This is a support group! I'm not sure if you mean you are over eating or under eating. But whichever it is, I wonder if you are taking a medication that has triggered your eating disorder - you mention this possibility. Or if you are having some problems with your liver which can sometimes cause anorexia.

Please don't be ashamed - talk to your doctor frankly. It's your life, and there are people who care about you. If you are taking medications, please sit down with a very good pharmacist and ask him to review your meds for side effects like whatever problem you're having now. A lot of doctors don't know the side effects of medications, but a PhD pharmacist will be able to help you a lot! If the meds are causing your problem, ask the pharmacist to print out the information from his database, take it to your doctor, and get him to prescribe something different.

Please don't beat up on yourself. A lot of times overeating or undereating is due to a problem with your body's biochemistry - it's not your fault!! Please, please talk to some medical professionals - and keep talking until you get some help!


Jocelyn - April 30

Where have you gone, January and I have not heard from you. We are hoping you are well....



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