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college student feeling hopeless
5 Replies
Jackie - May 4

I have been officially diagnosed with FMS for a few years now. As a young woman, I'm finding it difficult to find any peers who can relate to living with FMS. This summer I would like to get a job, but I can't handle long hours and high stress. Kids, phones and waitressing cause much stress. I feel like I'll never be able to find an accomodating job. I've done housesitting and volunteer work with animals in the past. My parents don't view anything outside an office as a "real job" and in general don't understand how hard FMS is to live with. Does anyone have any advice on a suitable summer job? Thank and God Bless


Renee - May 4

I am also a college student with a highly stressful job and it very tiring. I try to deal with it but no one really understands. I do not want to just sit at home and collect benefits. I do not see anything wrong with it but I was a very active person but now I feel that part of me has died. I know it is crazy to think but how can we as being very young active people become this way. What I am trying to tell you is you are the only one who really understands this diease our parent, friends, and signifigan others do not really have a clue. I have an office job and that is hell on this diease. Do what makes you happy you are the only one who has to live the rest of your life day by day. Have fun! I hope this helps.


linda brown - October 22

hey i'm 39 and my doc and my family feel like i am too young too and i don't look like anything is wrong. try giving your parents some info from the internet and print it out and point out the symptoms you have and maybe they will research it and understand a little better. i'll pray for you, good luck


Carol - November 20

Hi Jackie and Renee,

I just graduated from College a year ago and just diagnosed with FMS a few months ago. I actually had FMS for the past 5 years or so (so it's since I started college) but I didn't know what I had. So it was crazy. As you say, my folks also find it very hard to understand. I had a job after I graduated, a desk job, and a good one but I quit 6 months later as my body couldn't deal with it anymore however it was not the only reason for me to quit. But a good job doesn't have to be a desk job so I decided to start a career that involves working on my own time or finding a job that doesn't include long hours. It's a lot easier now.
It's never easy to face something like FMS when you're so young I totally agree. Sometimes my body makes me feel 60 all of a sudden while I was a very very active person and still am when I don't have severe flares too close to each other. My pain is disabling and people find it hard to grasp because you actually look fine when u see people which is not during ur flares. The only ones who understand are actually the ones who lived those attacks with me and see how disabling it can be.
Try to describe your attacks to ur parents and let them live this time with you if you want. It's their way of sharing. Maybe print some easy-to-read FMS articles for them. And always try to remember that you're loved by them regardless of your condition. They may not understand because they're not experiencing your same pain but they're doing the only thing they know they can do. I wish u all the best...


splonsky - March 22

I am also a college student with a job at a biotech company and a full time student. I've had fibro. for almost four years now, it is very hard but you HAVE TO make time for yourself. For me, stretching helps A LOT. i go to the gym AT LEAST once a day and stretch a lot during the day and at work. At work I will go into the bathroom, and touch my toes and stretch. Don't be afraid!


limo - March 23

hi everyone i am a 24 years old women and i work at home meand my boy friend we have a construction compagnie so y do all the office work. I try to find a job outside the house but it's was really hard to to find a job whit good hours, me y can't stand up a long time i get very dizzy so it work good for me like that.
the only thing is that im alone most of the time i was use to be so energique and social am not anymore am totally a other person.Hope you don't have much pain thanks for listen me.



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