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Chi Machine
6 Replies
mesosore - September 16

Hi, has anyone tried the Chi Machine showcased last week on the doctors show? I just ordered one and it should be here the end of the week. They had a woman on who has fibro and she tried it for two weeks and said it really helped her. It has a two week money back guarantee so I am going to give it a try. I am so bad with drugs, they just have a real negative effect on me that hopefully I can find a non drug therapy that can ease the awful tightness in my muscles and pain in my neck and head. Will let you know if it has any effect good or bad


belle1329 - September 17

Hi mesosore,
me so sore too :-) I had not seen the Chi Machine on the Doctors , but a few weeks back I saw another that I had been thinking about ordering it was a vibrating machine, I found one on the internet at shopatshowcaseus for $199.00 and I was wondering if it worked, Im sure the one on the Drs was much better, but more expensive. No I am going to check into this one and dont know which to try. Im also bad with drugs. So I dont take anything yet. The vibrating machine (Quantom) claims to be good for fibro also and helps you loose weight, which I desperately need, Ive gaind 40 lbs in a year and a half and I am not on any meds, just am too dam tired and sore to exercise. Check the Quantom out and let me know what you think Im going to check into the Chi. Maybe someone else will have some input on it. Ill let you know if I hear anything. Good Luck


belle1329 - September 17

That should have said Now Im gong to check into this one and dont know which to try


axxie - September 18

Hey I saw the machine on the doctors also, dr. oz also said it was good machine. He has a real good show also. I'm hoping he's going to talk about people who have fibro, I guess somebody needs to write to him or go see his show.

So I will wait to see how it works for you mesosore after the report I might just buy myself one also.


hoppy - September 20

Hi, glad you hear you are trying something new. I also have a problem taking the new drugs and am looking for some relief with the tight muscles. Hope it works well for you and would be interested in a report when you try it. Good Luck.


belle1329 - September 23

Hi has anyone tried either machine or investigated either one, cant decide which one to try or if I should now try and join the WoW fittness center coming to my area. They say they have equipment geared for people with fibro/arthritis etc, its $15 per month for life and no fee.???????? I need to try something soon! :-) Thanks as soon as someone has info please let me know


mesosore - October 4

Hi, It's mesosore. I purchased the Chi machine shown on the doctore. cost $199.00 plus shipping $28.00. Tried it for a week and it made my muscles worse. Sorry for you and for all of us. Now maybe it will work for some but for me it just wasn't right. Sent it back and had to pay the shipping but it was worth the try. I've had this crummy illness since 1987 and have tried everything. Going to see if I can find a good acupuncture Dr for the head, neck and shoulder pain. And for sleep which I can't seem to do no matter what I take or don't take. But the Chi machine did not work for me. So, make sure if you try it you have a money back two week guarantee and get it back in time or you will be stuck with it.



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