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chest muscle pain
20 Replies
kentucky girl - May 26

I was on Lyrica for about 2 years, but after a while it would be ineffective and the dosage would have to be increased. Even after being increased to almost the limit, Lyrica quit working. I have tried Cymbalta, and Savella since then, but I've found nothing that helps except Tramadol which is a pain medication. As for the chest pain, in my case the dr. says it is esophageal spasms associated with IBS. He gave me dicyclomine which is a muscle relaxer to take when I feel a spasm coming on. I haven't had a spasm since I was prescribed this medicine, so I don't know if it will be effective. I will let you know if that medicine is the answer.

kentucky girl


fibro-gina - June 2

I am right there with you. I can't even breathe right now and my muscles are on fire. I'm in a small town in Texas, my poor Primary doctor does what he can but I can't stand the pain. The closest Rheumatology specialist is an hour away in San Antonio, my appointment is on the 10th. I have tried Lyrica, after two days I had the worst Kidney pain, I was told to stop immediately. I have stomach ulcers so NSAIDS are out of the question for me. My husband makes me feel like a drug addict and swears its "all in my head", I have zero support, he actually made an appointment for me to see an psychiatrist here in town to start Suboxone treatment. I take 2 7.5 hydrocodones a day, prozac for depression, klonopin for anxiety disorder. Am I a drug addict? Since when does fibromyalgia become an "excuse to get opiates"?


bearsfan2222 - June 3

I'm with most of you. i have the same symptoms. Had it bad in Jan for about 4-6 weeks then all seem to get better. Now i'm coaching baseball and it seems about a week ago after weeks of pitching to the young players, the chest/rib pains are back. they radiate up to my neck and into my back. it's really frustrating. my next step is to call my GP and get a reference to a rheumatologist that i can go see. Phys therapy helped me in Jan/Feb, i'm trying that again alond with ibprophen. Seems worse when i sit too long. Better when i'm walking. Bless us all and make us well. Bill.


Tera - August 29

I'm new here but not to Fibro. I too am having those awful chest pains. Some times it hits me right in what feels like my heart. Other times it starts in my jaw,ends up in my chest.I've had all the heart tests,every one came out fine.Finally, my Rheumy told me it's heart and or valve spamas. I have to keep a bottle of Nitrogycerin with me all the time. This past month I have had to take this med 3 times.
Besides Fibro I have Neuropathy, Sjogren's Syndrome,and COPD. I could even be forgetting something here. My Fibro Fog is awful. Now I'm starting to have Bladder problems too. Geeez, what else could go wrong? I'm glad I came back to a Forum because I almost didn't believe this new heart thing. My kids think I'm lazy, they just don't get it. I have enough energy to do one thing a day. Like dishes, then I'm done for my day.I can lay down to take a short nap and wake up 6 hours later.Knock on wood,what else is there to come? This isn't living a life or they way I never planned all these things to take over my life. I am 58 and Widowed, so I'm on my own.


bearsfan2222 - September 15

Crazy stuff. I see a lot of folks have the very similar symptoms. I guess thats bad but good in a way we know we are not alone. An orthopedic dr and Rhum Dr both think i have costo. It seems to flare up after some kind of physical activity. Just had arthoscopic on my knee, so for 2 weeks i was on crutches, that weight bearing act caused my chest and back to flare up. then as i was getting better, PT doing leg presses using my shoulders caused it to flare up again. I found out the nerve in the chest are connected to the same spot in the back. Yikes. i hate it. Trying some anti-inflamm prescrips, not sure if they are doing much.



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