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chest muscle pain
20 Replies
Beone - May 12

anyone else having chest muscle pains,they are giving me a hard time,some times this fms condition is really tough,i get pain just in front of the arm pits on the ribs, also front of chest,left side mainly and some times on the right,im getting other pains all over, stomach,heartburn,arms,ribs,nec
on the spine,shoulder blades, Now Ive started to write it down its quite alot really, any comments will be helpful. i think i just need assurance im not alone,love to you all Beone.


samantha90 - May 12

Hi There,
For the past week or so I have had extremely bad pain in my right breast and the right armpit area. I have been a little worried about it because I have a bump in my breast right there. I have FM and I have all of the other symptoms that you have to with the rest of my body, but I am going to get my breast examined just in case because you can never be too careful and that is an important part of your body to get check ups. My boyfriend has cancer, so I take everything seriously. I would suggest to get your chest examined, especially by your armpits because your lymph nodes are in that area. It would just be a precaution. I'm glad I am not alone either with that.


RavenFax - July 2

I have been waking up 1-3 times a week with pain in my chest muscles. I wish I could tell you I had a trick to ease it but I have found just getting up and moving is the only thing that will eventually work it out. I have had an EKG to make sure it was not heart problems and it was normal so keep the faith and good luck you are not alone



Fantod - July 2

The chest pain associated with fibromyalgia is referred to as costochondritis. It is an inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the chest bone. It is this inflammation that causes the sharp chest pains inside the chest wall. The pain of costochondritis often mimics the pain of cardiac problems, including heart attacks and stroke. This can be quite scary for some sufferers; however, costochondiritis rarely causes any physical complications.

Costochondritis affects about 60% to 70% of fibromyalgia sufferers. Costochondritis in women is particularly common, especially in women between the ages of 20 and 40. Costochondritis rib pain can last for weeks and even months, and can reappear at different intervals throughout your illness. Costochondritis can also affect those who don’t have fibromyalgia and is often a result of chest trauma or exercise-related injury. In fact, it is thought that about 10% of the general population has costochondiritis

I copied this information right from this site.
Take care.


soohoschunsa - July 2

hi beone,

ive had this severe chest pain twice so far lasting 1-2 months. it was so severe i went to the hospital 3 times. i finally got a diagnosis of costochondritis from an urgent care dr. but even if u do have unusual pain, have it checked out! when i had it again this year in february they did the whole work up on me. i had nuclear stress test and all! they did find a small arrhythmia, but i just have to make sure i dont freak out so my heart rate doesnt mess up. but now i know for sure what costochondritis pain feels like, so when i get it again i will be prepared. try heat/cold (whichever works), infrared sauna visits (thinking about getting one in my house), steam showering, bubbles massage whirlpool add-ons to your bath (u can get them on ebay for relatively reasonible, conair makes some nice spa things), definitely pure epsom salts and muscle relaxing aromatherapy. and also since the pain is really bad, see if ur dr will increase anti-inflammatory dosages and/or pain killers.


patty flu - July 3

I was just recently diagnosed with Fibro,Lupus for six years, I have alot of problems with chest pain,Costochondritis was my diagnosis, it hurts soo bad, but all they tell me is to take ibuprophen,
God BLess


belle1329 - July 17

I too have had all the heart/body pains/ arms ribs neck feet back etc. And alot of heart burn I just vented about it on General Discussion and found more info here in the support Groups. My chest is tight and it hurts and it feels like very very bad indigestion. Thanks, at least I know its from the fibro. I knew it was not a heart attack as it has happened a few times before, and the first time I did get checked out


Beone - July 19

The problem with these symptoms is getting over the fear that there is something else wrong, Even though you get checked out it is hard to reassure one self that all is ok, I know deep down im fine and everything is ok but boy it plays on ones mind because the pain is their and is very real. So we have to trust in our life's purpose and meaning and love ourselves and others as much as we can.
love Beone,


L Light - July 22


You are unquestionably NOT alone. It's good to also know that the anxiety and insomnia that additionally accompany FM can truly cause more havoc than the pain itself! If we can stay aware of the actual challenge(s) we are up against, it lightens the load a tad. The fears creep up too often when in this state and we can in fact control much more through understanding FM as a whole.

The quiet space you can provide for yourself to bring inner peace, however it works best for you (music, inspirational reading, meditation, etc), truly brings much more coping abilities to light... Hope this helps and always here if you need to chat...

With heart,
Laurel (L Light)


snowflurree - January 29

I have every thing that you have just mentioned. At first the chest/rib pain scared me and then I realized that I only had it when I had a flareup. The weather definetly has a lot to do with my pain. Especially if there is a cold storm approaching. You are not alone honey, I wish I could help you. My daughter has FM bad and has 3 kids to deal with. Her whole body aches all the time. She said Sevella helped her so much but she had to go off it as it was interfering with her antidepressent. She was so sad as she said it is the first time she has felt wonderful.


jrzgirl - February 17

I have the same thing, I use Vicks Vapo Rub on my chest, it says it helps muscle pain, it does help somewhat


jrzgirl - February 18

I get that, especially in my back, chest and ribcage, It hurts to breath and worse when I try to take a deep breath, having a bad eek, it seems there is a new symptom every day, now I taste metal in my mouth. I am ready to give up, I vac. and madr dinner, I am exhausted and hurt all over, also my balance seems off


Jerica - February 19

I have been getting all kinds of random chest pains for about 16 years now. The past 3 or so have also been having breathing stuff like hyperventilating, smothering sensations, short of breath etc. I have had hundreds of ekg's quite a lot of holter monitors, 3 echocardiograms, a stress test, and everything's always fine. I never had even considered fibro, but many doctors have suggested costochondritis. I also have weird pain in my pectoral muscles, random spasms, lingering aches in chest and back, soreness, and lots of tenderness in my chest muscles and around my ribs. It feels like a partially healed bruise most of the time when I poke it. Sometimes I have chest pain and I don't feel tender or maybe I'm not looking the right trigger point. It doesn't really hurt to breathe but also I slouch a lot and have shallow mouth breathing so I get a lot of smothering sensations. Doc says I have hyperventilation syndrome. I also have panic attacks. I have an obsession with this now so it's hard to really seriously think of it as fibro. I have not been formally diagnosed with fibro but a few years ago my doc tested me and said I had chronic fatigue syndrome. If I poke spots on my body like say my bicep, it hurts like a bruise and it's been like that for the past 15 years or so because my friend used to poke me and it would hurt so bad and he would say oh come on it doesn't hurt that bad but yes it did.


dotty555 - May 2

i had such bad pains in my chest and arms recently that my doctor sent me to hospital by ambulance just to be told i was fine, they even sent me for special tests on my heart and still nothing, in the end my doctor just said it must be your FM and left it at that. the stupid thing was i ended up feeling guilty about having these tests as if i had wasted their time. it left me feeling very depressed as well as still in pain. x


kentucky girl - May 15

First of all, a lot of people have chest pain associated with FM. The first time I experienced it I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the emergency room. After blood tests and and EKG they sent me home with no explanation except it wasn't my heart. I too felt guilty because basically they said there was nothing wrong with me. I have exerience this same kind of pain several times since. I know it's not my heart. In the past several years I have been experiencing what seems to be a muscle spasm starting in my center chest extending into my neck. I have read up on esophageal spasms and it sometimes can be associated with FM. This week I experienced another episode which has lasted 3 days. This time I can feel the spasm moving into my lower stomach and intestines. I have an appointment with my Dr. on monday and will mention that to him at that time. I believe it is IBS also associated with FM. No matter what the cause it is very painful and makes eating and swallowing very difficult.

Seems like we FM sufferers get thrown a lot of different things to deal with.

I hope that we all can find something that works to alleviate the pain.

Hugs to all.


dsm8122 - May 26

Are you taking Lyrica for your pain? Does it help? I have different pain areas all over my body too. Seems to be very widespread with FMS. Take Care and thanks for sharing!


kentucky girl - May 26

I was on Lyrica for about 2 years, but after a while it would be ineffective and the dosage would have to be increased. Even after being increased to almost the limit, Lyrica quit working. I have tried Cymbalta, and Savella since then, but I've found nothing that helps except Tramadol which is a pain medication. As for the chest pain, in my case the dr. says it is esophageal spasms associated with IBS. He gave me dicyclomine which is a muscle relaxer to take when I feel a spasm coming on. I haven't had a spasm since I was prescribed this medicine, so I don't know if it will be effective. I will let you know if that medicine is the answer.

kentucky girl



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