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celexa for FM
4 Replies
Palerider - September 13

I'm new to this site, So, hello to all my fellow FM sufferers. I was diagnosed a year ago, after being told "get over it, there's nothing wrong with you" by friends, family and a round of doctors (you know who you are).
After 8 weeks off work (unpaid sick leave), I was just granted another 4 weeks by my doctor who reluctantly granted it as she believes FM is not a disability, but rather a nusance that can be controlled with Motrin, exercise, and completely wiping out any and all stress related factors. Sure, I can do that???
So, I take the motrin as prescribed, ride my Harley davidson, sail with my hubby, and let my vicious chihuahua's take me for a walk.
Here's my question: Does anyone experience periods of "remission" where you feel human and can actually find the phone when it rings, and remember what it's used for? Then fall back into that fibro fog and pain that racks you for weeks. Even my beloved Harley can't get me out of bed.
I think My husband is finally coming around. He thinks I'm just a dumbo when I can't find things, or remember my name. Although i wouldn't wish the biting itchy feeling on my skin, or the hair loss, or the lost appetite, or the hot flashes from hell, or being afraid to answer the phone or door for fear "someone want's something from you" and you just can't help them. Not to mention the restless leg syndrome, or the crying spells.
Back to the additonal 4 weeks off I was granted from work: only because my dr. thinks I'm a ding bat and a complainer, so she put me on Celexa. She had me thinking Celexa was a wonder drug for FM, when in fact it's an antidepressant. Sure, FM'ers get depressed, why shouldn't we, we deserve it. but, in general I'm not depressed. I'm too busy loving life to be depressed, I just wish I didin't HURT 90% of the time.
Today is my first day w/Celexa.
Anyone tried it?
Talk to me.
Live to ride, ride to live


aquarian - September 13

my first post after reading most of the site. I can tell you that you do have remission. I was diagnosed in 2000 despite going through the several bad years with symptoms all of which each and every one of you have described in full, I did get onto a good or controlable patch for maybe 2 years. It was murder at first pushing myself through the pain, it was like self harming, but I did succed with gentle stretch exercise, swimming and walking, it took about 6 weeks of hell before I started to see some improvement. Somehow my muscles started to behave themselves except of a night when they just belonged to an alien I'm sure.

So, what now. Well since about March everything kicked in again with such a vengence. I slightly increased my exercise regime, no benefit, infact I got worse.
No sleep, more pain, more brain fog, more blues you name it......
My Doctor says it will run its course, but this time my legs are becoming pretty useless, its like ham string damage to both thighs with associated pain points constantly changing around my knees, calves and feet. My arms just throb, so does my head and I'm pretty fed up with it all.

I have had to stop exercising and walking the dog and even swimming just don't seem to have any muscle strength to motivate me.
I can't take anti inflamatories, my tens machine now is redundant and as for rub on oitments, no help at all.

I rang my specialist (who has retired) this morning and literally implored him to see me, he said he would in 2 weeks time when he returns from his hols.

So I'll have to wait until then. I'm pretty sure he will point me in the right direction, its so sad that he's retired really, because it was with his guidance that I initially became self managing with this awful disorder, but something has gone wrong of late and thankfully I have an oportunity to talk it through with him.

Hope this lot hasn't depressed any reader, but be sure I am sympathetic towards you all, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

take care


lemonwafer - January 4

Did you know that there is something called Family Medical Leave Act that will allow you to have up to 12 weeks off per year from your job without being penalized? It is just a matter of having your doctor fill out the form and turning it in to Human Resourcs Department. The 12 weeks do not have to be all at one time. But the hours can not exceed 12 weeks in one year. The year starts the day that your application was received and approved by your job. Most people don't realize they have this protection.


hallejoe - January 7

I don't know what to tell you. Docs always try to put me on antidepression meds too. I am looking for a referral to a neurologist instead of GP. Try contacting a support group in your area to see what docs work for other folks in your area. I have all the same symptoms you do. I feel the hair loss is from undiagnosed thryroid issues. I have lost 50% of my hair volume recently. The itchy skin is something new for me too, so I have set up an appt with a dermatologist and going to have him check my scalp too. I'll keep you posted if I get any results. I don't take any meds at this point bc the antidepressants made me depressed even though it helped with pain (cymbalta). Gotta see what works for your system. I do take a really good multivitamin and coq10 with fish oil, but during a flare up it doesn't touch my pain.


llcsmom - January 14

Hi Palerider,

My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with FM 7 months ago, but I've done a lot of research and have been familiar with antidepressants for a long time. Yes, antidepressants can help with other "issues" in the body other than depression. 2 different classes can help with FM. One that's been around a long time is Elavil and others like it. This class can help with the stage of sleep that is commonly missed if you have FM. It can be taken in a very low dose at bedtime and helpswith sleep and pain (I took it years ago to help prevent migraines). Secondly there is the "newer" class of SSRI antidpressants. These help with the very important neurotransmitter--serotonin--either with having enough of it hanging around so that nerve cells can communicate well, or so that more is available. (Or something like that). Since FM involves something going whacko in the nervous system (1 ex. is there is too much pain signal being sent to the brain), it makes sense to try and help the nervous system that is out of balance--chemically! My daughter takes one of the other SSRI's for the FM, but my husband takes the same one that you have started, to help him with depression and mood swings--and it has helped him alot! Some people even take both kinds of antidpressants for FM, even if they are not "depressed", because of the chemical imbalances that are helped by these meds. Hope that helps a little!



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