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Can't eat
10 Replies
Auvonto - January 13

Does anyone ever go through a time when they can't eat and when they do it's very little because you get sick. Nauseous takes the place of hunger. I remember going through this a few months ago now its back. Two days I havent eaten. last night my mom sent over some Ensure for me to drink. I get hungery but when its time to eat i dont want it. its been weeks since i wanted any meat of any kind. i would only eat vegetables and last night we had fried rice and chicken i didnt want either. made me feel like throwing up. it settled then all i wanted to do was sleep. so at 6:30 i was in the bed watching tv till i fell asleep. i hate that i just hate it. i want to eat so i dont get worse.


Fantod - January 13

Yes - I have spells like that. I get nauseous and nothing looks appealing or even smells good. But, all FMS patients require high amounts of protein to keep our energy level stable (??!!). And, you especially because of your blood sugar problems. If that means that you have to hold your nose to get something down, than do it. I like Greek Yogurt which has 15 grams of protein per cup. (It has a much stonger taste than what we are used to and not everyone will like it.) If all else fails, I'll eat that or make myself a smoothie with some protein powder tossed in. Figure out something that you can swallow that has protein for these episodes. It will pass, mine always does. You are not alone in your feelings of frustration. Keep in touch (join us on Skype) and feel better.


Auvonto - January 13

thanks Fantod, i just feel like crying i hate this so much. i will try to eat today at lunch. ugh i really need to look into this Skype thing. thanks again


solanadelfina - January 15

I also have spells where I'll get nauseous after eating meals, sometimes for every meal or snack that day, and it can get maddening. (Especially when stress sets it off.) Mint and ginger can help quiet down an angry stomach. They're good in tea form, but when the nausea comes on fast I'll pop an Icebreakers mint. If you like dairy, eating a piece of cheese can help get a little fat and protein into our systems. Eggs are also a good source of protein, as are legume vegetables.

I hope this passes swiftly for you.


Noca - January 18

I had this problem. Zyprexa solved it. It increases your appetite/capacity to eat 3 fold, makes food taste better, and just gives you desire to eat.


Auvonto - January 18

thanks I'll try that.


trippsmom - January 29

I dealt with this for a couple of years and after ending up with Pernicious Anemia from lack of nutrition finally discovered that it had to do with the constant sinus drainage and over-production of mucous (common in FMS). I started taking Benadryl (eventually it doesn't make you sleepy and does actually aid the sleep your body so desperately needs ;) - particularly an hour before eating - if not 24/7 - varies like everything else. Might give it a try. I can definitely empathize: nothing like having to run out of a dining room filled w/ people who are already judgmental of you - to throw up ...


jeannied709 - January 31

My diagnosis of fibromyalgia has been only in the past few months, prior to my diagnosis, I was showing all symptions, including weight loss. This was before I was on drugs. In less than one year I have lost 68lbs gone. There was a time when I would eat whatever was in front of me, since the intensity of the pain has increased, the thought of food nauseates me. I have to force a single piece of toast in me, because I have four children who need there mom healthy. There are days that it hurts to chew with my back teeth, or my mouth is "too tired" to chew!
I do wecome the weight loss, but in the back of my mind I can't help to think what if I didn't have it to lose, how sick would I be then? At this point, I won't be able to afford to lose much more.


Twitch - January 31

I get like that sometimes. You know you have to but everything you can think of just makes you think it'll make things worse. I used to go long periods without and would just sleep instead. I fall back on comfort food (carbs), honestly. Its not ideal, but whatever gets you eating. Sometimes its just a matter of starting and getting yourself used to food again.
The Ensure is a really good idea. It'll fill you up enough so you can take vitamins, at least. I always feel sick if I don't eat before taking pills. Anyway, its got protein and a decent percentage of other nutrients. And that's what we need. So maybe grab a loaf of french bread, a multivitamin and some Ensure and just nibble a bit? Whatever gets you started. Best of luck.


cat1983 - March 13

Hi I havnt been diagnosed yet I'm under the hospital who have done every test going n they have just done blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis but my gp thinks its fibro because I have every symptom of it.
I have had the same problem I'm now on the 4th month of having no appitite I just manage a childsize meal for my evening meal the smell of food makes me feel ill iv been to a shopping centre and I was I agony physically and meny cos of all the smells so now I don't go out iv now lost 33lb in weight in 4 months


January - March 14

Here I go again, sorry -- I just recently read that some people think a viral infection can cause anorexia and bulemia! I was ill and went thru a long period of avoiding food (NOT like me!) and lost a bunch of weight. For the nausea, OTC Bonine helped. I forced myself to drink Ensure back then and it helped, but now they've changed their formulations. I've found something else - Naked protein shakes. 30g of protein in a fruit juice, gluten free, tastes great. Also Odwalla has a couple good protein shakes out - some are gluten free. I highly recommend them for when you are feeling bad - no cooking, no cleaning up - a meal in a bottle.

Make sure you are getting nutrients somehow cat! Feel better.



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