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can I get out of jury duty? stressed!
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andi - October 27

I'm in the process of being diagnosed with "whatever " I have going on here. I've been hurting now for 3 years and finally decided this week to see a rheumatoligist. I saw him on Wednesday of this week and on Thursday, I got jury duty notification.
This has upset me NO END! and is making my symptoms worse!
My doc and I think that its probably fibromyalgia. I have horrible chest wall pain that radiates from the spine and then around to the rib cage and breastbone. Sitting for extended periods of time is really difficult and long distance driving is as well.
I hardly sleep at night and need at least 2 hours to feel somewhat decent after awakening. This courthouse is about and hour and a half away from me and they want me there at 8AM.
I'm desperately trying to get a medical excuse! I swear if I don't get one since I'm in the early stages with this new doctor...........I'll wind up in jail! I just can't do this!!
Any suggestions?


Virg - October 27

Hi andie, I'm sure that its the same in either countries (States and Canada) you get a medical excemption from serving on jury duty. Just get a letter from your doctor.


andi - October 27

Thanks Virg,
My doc just faxed over a note, but I can hardly read it in the doctor handwriting and OF COURSE, it just says he's evaluating me until the end of November. Ya know what that means? Its the typical "I don't know whats wrong with her" answer...........but at least I'm out of jury duty for now..............sheeeeesh!


carm - October 27

You may have to go and get excused if they won't excuse you by mail. You may need to get a doctors note stating your pain problem.


andi - October 27

Carm........Do you mean I could go there and ask in person with the note? Throw myself at their mercy??..........hadn't thought of that, but I'd do it!


Virg - October 28

Great andi. I think carm is right if you don't get anything in writing excusing you than you should appear. good luck.


andi - October 28

By Monday, I'll have 2 doctors excuses and hopefully that will end this.
I can't even tell you how much anxiety this has caused me! The way I function in the morning.........I'd have to get a hotel and stay right next door to the court where they could roll me in!


TERESA - October 28

BOY I hear you!!! We all have that problem!!!!!!! I am SUPPOSED TO be at work by 9AM but I just can't seem to make it!! Right now my boss seem to understand ( I come in about 11AM & work late ), but starting in Jan. I HAVE TO be there ON TIME!! I work in a tax office & that is the beginning of tax season. I am really trying to get this thing under control by then!! The doctor I go to, will not give me sleeping pills, so he keeps switching me to different anti-depressant. Right on I am taking cymbalta & trazadone it seems to be working for now (fingers crossed). I have also ordered ordered a 3" momery foam bed topper that I hope will help with the morning stiffness!!!


AmberRose - November 28

Well i had to get called to jury duty this year actually and i didnt even get called before the judge...and all you ahd to do if you didnt want to be a juror is say well i got kids no babysitter yada yada they bring liek 100 people into the court room and you can contest and the judge will decide accordingly..if you even get calle dup ..when i went there were two cases goign to trail and they only needed one jury of 7 i think and one of 12 or so cant really rememebr exactly. you cant actually give an excuse unless you are at the courthouse and once your there you ahve to stay or they arrest you...but it only takes about 1 hour or so and taking up one morning is defintly better than taking up a few weeks


barbar - November 29

Teresa, make sure get your memory foam pillow as well. Stick another pillow under it to make sure it has the proper height to give you support and then dream away!


teresat - November 30

Barbara, my memory foam topper came with two pillows, but they are too flat for me so I have to put it on top of a regular pillow. I LOVE my mattress topper!!! It is helping me not to wake up in so mich pain in the morning!


LilyoftheValley - December 30

If you are legally disabled you are excused from Jury Duty. Other than that you will have to contact your local courthouse to find out what medical documentation that you will need in order to avoid jury duty. On a seperate note, see more than one doctor to help diagnose your condition. I have had more doctor's tell me that I have fibromyalgia and then say that there is not much that they can do except offer pain relief. Have you tried an osteopath?


janie-beth - April 27

Write to the court and STRESS the mental symptoms in particular. If they think you're suffering from depression they will be less keen to have you on the jury. Good luck from janie-beth


pdljmpr - August 15

I doubt you can get out of it. I have fibro, osteoarthritis and type 2 diabetes and they wouldnt' let me get out of it.



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