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Can Fibromyalgia cause heel pain?
44 Replies
Xenia_E - February 12

Yes, I have heel pain (which is a totally different sensation than Plantar Fasciitis, as I used to have that too)...This is pain, burning and tenderness in the heel when I have to stand for long periods. And I also have this: (it's not a heel spur, but is somehow nerve-related)...It's worst at night, and has kept me awake (or woken me up) on many occasions.


marea g - February 23

Just looking for a relationship between fibro and heel pain as I have just experienced the worst 2 days of continual pain in my right heel. Pain killers take the edge off but I am now walking on the balls of my feet to avoid the pain caused when I walk on my heel. Its so bad now that the muscles in my legs are also tight and sore. The pain leaves me feeling drained and unable to concentrate on work. I was beginning to think their may be something more wrong with me other than the fibro until I saw your comment. They did find early stages of arthritis in this foot but this sounds too painful and localised. I am not sure how long the pain will last as only 2 days ago I had a painful chest/sternum relieved somewhat with hot compresses - chostochondritis another symptom of fibro. Hope this helps put things together. Marea g


marea g - February 23

Has anyone found a remedy or perhaps just a pill for the really debilitating brain fog one experiences with fibro. its really embarrassing and recently I have also developed this slurred speech type thing. this is worse since I am a teacher and most often the kids think I am joking with them but its getting pretty bad so that I have to really concentrate hard and often find I have to repeat what I want to say just to get it right. Really annoying help Marea g


terryleewolf41 - July 8

i have had heel pain and the doc don't want to believe that i have pain there and i also been having pain in my left leg and they cannot find anything wrong with that too my right should has been swollen and they well not take x rays because they say that there should be swollen there they have never seen swollen there in anybody
i have sleep apnea legs while not stop moving at night i have high cholesterol i have vertigo i have depression


cowgirl22 - July 8

I have heel pain off and on that's so bad I can't walk properly. It usually goes away after a week or so--in fact it started again this morning. Hope it disappears again. Has nothing to do with shoes, I am barefoot 100% of the time...but I do have slippers with very thick lambswool lining which I will now have to put on and cross my fingers...


carlawarla - July 10

Hi ,I have had had fms for 5 years now and YES it can cause heel pain. ouch ouch ouch. sometimes i cant even walk on my heels , i have to tiptoe around. gentle massage or soaking them inwarm water for a while can maybe help . I dont slle either (which i have to say is a very common fact about fms) I'm on a sleeping tablet called Zopiclone which i find does help to get some well needed sleep. Hoope some of that might help good luck Carla


Tracieg - September 6

I have fibromyalgia and developed severe heal pain, which was plantar fascitis. While on a trip to ME I found out about a Dr. in yarmouth ME who has a treatment for plantar fascitis. It's a long story about how I found this info but essentially went home told my dr about this, she tried to find a dr around who did the treatment and ended up referring me to Dr. Herzog in yarmouth ME. Thank God for him, he is my hero as far as the plantar fascitis is concerned I was wasted so much money in the past on PT, inserts, shoes, etc. Do a google search for him or his treatment which is "Ultrasound Guided Trephination Procedure" for plantar fascitis. I have told many people about him, I know of two in my hometown who have made the trip to see him and been estatic with the half hour office procedure. I get nothing from him for the above info, I just want to help others out who have this horrible pain. Good luck!


michelle J - September 8

my heels just started to hurt to, really bad at night


brooksidefarm - September 22

JR- You should rule out bone spurs, but the entire bottom of both my feet hurt. When I have a flare up, simply standing is painful and getting out of bed or standing after sitting for a while is very difficult and slow. I bought very comfortable platform sandals to wear in the house all day long. I experimented with exercise ones, but my legs could not take that. The ones that help are two inches under my toe and three under my heel. It does not eliminate the problem, but does help at the end of the day.


fishingflorist - October 26

I have plantar fasciitis and fibro which I have been seeing a wonderful podiatrist for. This provides a little help, which I am greatful for any relief. I have been going for 4 months so we are looking into other reasons why I still have such severe pain. The only thing I can say is look for a doctor who is welling to look outside the box for you. It took me 6 doctors to find out there was a problem and 2 more to find one to actually help me. Good luck, you will need patients, also persistent to get help you need.


fishingflorist - October 26

I am so tired of hearing to just deal with it and it's not a real disease. I wish that everyone that has said that to me(including my old doctor) would have the amount of pain in the vast areas I have it in for just 1 day! My ex-boss, whos mother has fibro, use to tell me it takes a special person to "just deal with it", if she only know how many days I did just that. Worked for 3 days with chest pains, which ws a heart attack, bone spurs, migrains, ect... I wish I thought to tell her that yes her Mother "deals with it", but she does not work nor never did and expecially she did not work for her!


Auvonto - October 26

my feet usually only bother me when i am in the kitchen cooking. i have to sit down quite a bit. i get very tired but more so my feet would really hurt and i didnt think anything of it except this is just part of fibro everything else is right lol


Bohojo777 - October 8

Yes, Fibromyalgia can cause heal pain and also bursitis type pain anywhere in the body. I originally had M.E. Myalgic encephalomyelitis at the age of 23 and was shortly (a couple of years later) diagnosed with Fibromyalgia though back then it was known as Fibrositis. I am now nearly 50 years old and around 4 years ago after repeated bouts of fibro flair ups usually due to stress, I flared up without there being a trigger and month by month it has been getting worse. It took mw a while to get to the bottom of my illness, its one thing treating the symptoms but quita another actually treating the cause and whilst not everybody who gets Fibromyalgia due to having M.E,Myalgic encephalomyelitis still many do. I'm not sure of what the percentage of people with Fibro have M.E. but if you have ever been diagnose with M.E. its important to realise that you STILL have it and that your Fibro has been triggered by having M.E. It is also important contrary to what many doctors say your fibro and M.E. are doing internal damage to your body especially the endocrine system (Which is why so many have an underactive thyroid and its often missed) (Only those who have fibro from having M.E.) It is also important to realise that M.E. is in fact an AUTOIMMUNE condition and this is now medically accepted. I was recently at a talk by DR Shepherd from the UK who is one of the specialists involved in the M.E. association website who confirmed that M.E. is an autoimmune condition and it does damage both the endocrine system and the nervous system. Not only did he give a talk to the members of our local M.E. group Dr Shepherd was also there to give a compulsory talk which had to be attended by all doctors living on the Island I live so that more doctors become aware of how to treat and help those with M.E. and of course the 80% of M.E. sufferers who go on to get Fibromyalgia. Also its important to recognise that 90% of people with Fibro NO MATTER HOW THEY GOT FIBRO HAVE AN UNDERACTIVE THYROID so please get yourself tested as an underactive thyroid if left can cause Heart disease and early death and its is so very treatable. When asking for thyroid testing make sure they test more than just your TSH or T3 &T4 levels. Read up on what tests to ask for and ask for a copy of the results and check what is the optimal levels of each test, not with what the FDA say as their levels are either too high or too low. Check instead in Thyroid groups. For instance often the FDA say that TSH levels of 4.5 or below is optimal however unless your TSH levels are between 0.1 and 1 you wiull still feel awful. remember that an underactive thyroid also causes all over body pain but that although pain may decrease once treated an underactive thyroid is a symptom of Fibromyalgia and cannot take the place of the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. If you have an underactive thyroid then you have both an underactive thyroid and Fibromyalgia.

Many scientists are are now saying that M.E. and fibro are an Autoimmune conditions and they believe that this has been triggered (even catching whatever virus responsible for M.E.) by chemical toxicity and to get back to the root of good health you need to look at ways you can reduce your toxic load including eating a diet using all fresh ingredients, reducing harmful bacteria in the body by using good probiotics (Not the sugary probiotic drinks advertised and sold in your supermarkets). Taking enzymes to help break down the food so that your body can utilize and absorb the nutrients more efficiently from your food. Only drink filtered water making sure you filter the water yourself and DO NOT DRINK WATER EVEN SPRING WATER FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES as the plastic that makes these bottles is permeable so if those bottles have been stored at any time next to toxic chemicals those same chemicals can now be in that lovely mountain water. The best type of water filters are the ones that do a 6 stage osmosis and also have ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of bacteria, shop around as these can cost anything from around $150 to $1500.

Also cut down any EMF Electromagnetic fields especially in your bedroom so no TV's, plug your phones and laptops in downstairs and use good old battery operated alarm clocks in your bedroom. Look for herbs and supplements help strengthen the endocrine system (Goldenroot not to be confused with Goldenseal is said to be very good for the endocrine system) and also the nervous system including a good vitamin B complex and read up on autoimmune conditions. Epsom salt baths using at least 300 grammes to 1 kilo per bath of a high grade epsom salt, warm but not hot water, soak for 20 minutes submerging as much of your body as you can and yes ladies magnesium is very very good for your hair too (Mine is now waist length), soak for no more than 20 minutes but more than 12, this allows your body to absorb the magnesium without leaking your own valuable minerals into the water and then rinse off to stop dried salts from making you itch. An excellent time to do this is around an hour or so before bedtime because this will also help you to get to sleep and also improve the quality of your sleep.

Also look into the benefits of taking a supplement called 5- HTP that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter called Serotonin. People with Fibro have much Lower levels of Serotonin than a person without Fibro and lover levels of Serotonin are not only associated with depression but is also associated with higher levels of a chemical called substance P, substance P causes pain, all pain is triggered by substance P so it stands to reason that you want to lower your levels of chemical P by having higher levels of Serotonin HOWEVER it is important to make yourself aware of a condition called serotonin syndrome which can cause death this is cause by to high a level of serotonin and if you are taking any kind of SSRI type of antidepressant DO make sure you discuss taking 5-HTP with your Doctor IN FACT ALWAYS DISCUSS THE USE OF TAKING ANY TYPE OF NATURAL REMEDY WITH YOUR DOCTOR BECAUSE JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS NATURAL IT DOES NOT EQUATE THAT ITS OK FOR YOU TO TAKE! Also if your doctor suggests taking an antidepressant do not see this as failure because it isn't, taking a good antidepressant can be very effective at not only helping you to feel better but also in helping to increase your levels of serotonin which will reduce the pain causing chemical substance P. "2 highly recommended antidepressants for those with Fibro are Cymbalta(Duloxetine) and if you are also having a lot of nerve type pain (Allodynia) then Amitriptyline.

Also if any of you are interested I run a Facebook group called "Fibromyalgia Support Group IOM" and you are welcome to join. I shall be writing about different things that can help pain and that we can put as I call it inside our "Pain Toolbox" including natural remedies we can take, natural remedies we can slather on on even a very effective pain hypnosis I found for free to all andriod phone & tablet users (sorry they don't have it on apple products yet or so i'm told) The group is not only for those who suffer with Fibro but is also for anybody who suffers with long term chronic pain including Migraine sufferers and is also for your family and friends so that they can become more educated in what you are going through and if you look through the sites "Notes" tab you can find an article which has a link to The Spoon Theory, a wonderful real very short story about a sufferer of Lupus describing what it felt like to feel ill everyday especially when you don't feel well to a close friend of hers who had asked what it felt like to be her everyday. If you are a softie like me keep a tissue near by because it reminded me how this condition affects every decision I make on how I live each day and of the loss of quality of life having this condition creates. Showing this story to my friends and family helped them to understand what I was going through every day and made them all very much more empathetic towards me.

Namaste everyone and I pray that we all find relief and that a cure will soon appear :) xxxxx


Annetteruddy - June 27

A year ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After years of going to see the doctor, I finally got some answers. The pain I feel seems to never go away-hurting in my lower back, legs, neck, even sometimes radiates to the very tip of my toes,I couldn't move my right arm with out getting a lot of pain. I was 32 years old and I didn't know if I want to see how I feel at 40 because the pain was very intense. I was taking Lyrica, it helps but I still have to be careful not to over do things. I was trying to have a child-don't know if I'll be able to do it! i searched for alternative treatment online and In November, 2016 I started on Health Herbal Clinic fibromyalgia disease natural herbal remedy, my fibromyalgia symptoms including Severe fatigue , Insomnia, nausea and vomiting, deteriorated over the first 6 weeks of the Fibromalgia herbal formula usage, i am now 34 with no trace of Fibromyalgia, The Fibro herbal formula helped me in a way i just didn’t imagine, this is a breakthrough for all fibromyalgia disease patients.



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