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Can Fibromyalgia cause heel pain?
44 Replies
Kathleen - July 2

I've been stuggling with heel pain and a variety of diagnoses for almost 10 years. None of the plantar fasciitis remedies worked, no fracture confirmed by bone scan. Just out of curiosity, what kind of work do you do that keeps you on your feet all day?


Carolyn - July 8

I also have heel pain, leg pain, back pain and most recently shoulder pain. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 weeks ago, after years of suffering. My doctor wants me to take pain pills and muscle relaxers daily. The only problem is that both meds make me feel "drunk", so I can't drive or work. Sure wish I could get my life back! Anyway, God bless you in your struggle.


Gill - July 9

I have had severe heel and foot pain for a few years now. My podiatrist says i have heel bursa and plantar fasciitis. i have been doing stretching exercises and they have really helped. stretch the calf muscle daily and wear shoes with a bit of a heel. I have got shoe inserts from the podiatrist and its like a miracle. Please try the stretches if you don;t do anything else, really really its helped so much. Gill


Matt P - July 11

I have had FMS for about 4 years. Nine months ago my feet began getting so sore I would have to ice them at the end of the day after work, and they'd still be bad in the morning. My custom orthotics and stretching has done little to help. When conventional therapy didn't work for plantar fasciitis, I decided it was probably just another symptom of FMS.


Dawn - August 20

I have been diagnosed with FMS for two years now. My feet have been hurting every time I stand. I asked my rheumatologist if this was from the FMS and he said no.


R.S.Hagen - September 6

Heel pain was one of my first symptoms, Drs like to classify it as Plantar Fasciitis, which is supposed to be a sport related injury, that is the farthest thing from my daily regime., but I went to an O.T. got heel cups, she told me my heels look OK, no swelling, fatty pad normal, no spurs, etc. But the last couple of years I have been reading about Myofacial Pain Syndrome, If you haven't looked it up you should, cause it is all about the trigger points in our muscles and the referred pain they cause, I am in the midst of an aweful flareup right now and thought I had sciatica, pain from my hips to my toes, heels included. There is a very good book out that I am going to buy and it is a therapist workbook, it shows the nerve paths from these trigger points, and the back of the hips, lower lumbar region, nerves run down your buttocks, thighs, knees, calves right through your heels and into your foot, wow, but it hurts right now like I am covered in sunburn with nerve pain. the heel stretches do help, do them in bed before you get up, then hot bath or shower, when the pain is bad during the day, I soak them in cold water in the tub. or a warm Jacuzzi tub is awesome. Get some rubber heel cups or Dr Scholls insoles for heel pain, and lastly, I swear by menthol, I use tiger linement, White Flower...a chinese linement, these are topical analgesics and have helped me for years. Fibro is often diagnosed when it is M. P. S. becaue the syptoms are so similar. And is diagnosed the same way, My GP told me today, that we could redo all the tests, but the treatment is basically the same, I believe this is what I really have and not just Fibro, but I agree the treatment is the same, but the symptoms are more intense and wide spread. Hope this helps you all. God Bless


Linda - September 20

I've got the heel pain, too. I've seen several podiatrists and orthopedic docs prior to being diagnosed w/FMS. They all said it was plantar fascitis. I did all of the treatment for that, short of surgery, and none of it has given much relief. I'm surprised to see here that this is another part of the FMS, I never realized it was related.


jestagrl - July 23

Excruciating heel pain was what first made me suspect that I had fibromyalgia. I've had lots of pain through the years, but the heel pain has been one of the most noticable and debilitating. It starts anytime I'm still for more than a few minutes and lessens as I start to walk around a bit. The outside edges of my feet also hurt a lot all of the time and feel like they're bruised if they touch anything, so I've had to stop wearing shoes (good thing it's summer!). I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia last month and am already frustrated with my doctor's lack of understanding and at how few remedies there seem to be for the pain.


anonymouse - July 30

my fibro "came out" so to speak as heel spurs. it was always there (the fibro) but started in my heels and ravaged the rest of me. :((((


BobbyNva - October 9

I've had heel pain as well as tenderness in the bottom of my feet. Both conditions make it very painful to walk. I'm down to one pair of shoes that I can wear without hurting too much and they're a newly bought pair of sneakers. I can't wear dress or any other casual shoes for long periods of time anymore without suffering.


Fantod - October 20

Has anyone considered plantar faciitis? This is a common problem with FMS folks. I have it in both feet and it can cause excrutiating heel pain. Have you seen a sports medicine specialist? Do you have or has anyone ever recommended orthotics for your shoes. Another "perk" of fibro is abnormally tight tendons in the legs and other parts of the body. Sleep is another problem for people with FMS. Only certain classes of medication work for fibromyalgia. OTC remedies largely do not. You need to see a rheumotologist to get a firm diagnosis. Take care.


msdottie - October 26

I thought I was the only one ... recently diagnosed with FM but have had chronic pain for years. Just in the last 4 months, the pain in my feet is unbearable at times, like walking on glass or having two broken feet. I thought it was the FM but now I'm sure. I can't begin to tell you what a relief it is to hear other people have this symptom. While I don't wish this on anyone it is always nice to know it really isn't ALL in your head ! Thanks Forum


serenityartist - November 16

Yes, I also have heal pain. I am shocked at all these symptoms. I am new here and the symptoms all fit. Wish the doctors would read this forum


serenityartist - November 16

Yes, I also have heel pain. I am shocked at all these symptoms. I am new here and the symptoms all fit. Wish the doctors would read this forum


confused25 - January 15

Hi JR,
I am curious if you have any new information since you last posted. What kind of nerve entrapment did the Dr. think you had in your heel? Did the surgery help? Did you just have predominately heel pain in both heels when your problem started?


Xenia_E - February 12

Yes, I have heel pain (which is a totally different sensation than Plantar Fasciitis, as I used to have that too)...This is pain, burning and tenderness in the heel when I have to stand for long periods. And I also have this: (it's not a heel spur, but is somehow nerve-related)...It's worst at night, and has kept me awake (or woken me up) on many occasions.



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