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Can Fibromyalgia cause heel pain?
44 Replies
JR - September 20

I am new to this forum.
Does anyone know if fibromyalgia can also cause heel pain? I have had chronic pain for over five years now. I have pain in my knees and very bad heel pain. I have been to numerous kinds of doctors and they can't find the source of the heel pain. I even had surgery on the heel on what they thought was a nerve entrapment. My job required me to stay on my feet. My heels would feel better when walking but when I stand it is very painful.

I also have muscle pain in other areas. In reading the symptoms they sound like I could have this problem. I have had extremely bad sleep problems the last five years and have tried every kind of pill to help. Any answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated.


Cindy - July 9

I was wondering if you have been to a podiatrist and if they have checked you for a heel spur. Sounds like one to me! Have a good day.


debbie - September 7

yes i have heel pain with fibromyagia


JB - September 8

I have heal pain also. My sister's Dr. told her she has Plantar Fasciitis. This website describes it.


teresa - September 9

I also have fybromyalgia and heel pain


diane - September 15

i orignally thought my heel pain was from heel spurs and did damage to them with 6 cortisone shots in each foot in 3-4 months. I later found out how bad that was. Come to find out.. it is a symptom of FMS .. one of many.. and i had many other symptons as well. I can't exercise like i used too.. the best thing for me now is swimming. It does help.. i just have to force myself todo it. Look into it.. it does help significatnly.


Judy - October 10

YES! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago and have too many symptoms to list them all (over 40.) About 3 years ago, I developed severe pain in a number of areas in both feet, including my heels, within a very short period of time. This is NOT plantar fasciitis (a specialist checked for that). This is NOT heel spurs or stress fractures (I had X-rays) or any other separate condition. It is just one more of the many ways in which people with fibro suffer. And it sounds like a number of people have suffered even further at the hands of ignorant doctors--not uncommon with this condition. Just be prepared--in spite of the agony of walking or standing and the fact that I limp severely and barely sleep, leaving me horribly exhausted, I still get stupid admonitions from doctors and laypeople to "just force" myself to walk, swim, whatever--easy advice to give when you're not the one sleeping a total of maybe 4 non-consecutive hours out of 24 and living with severe body-wide pain, etc. It's like telling someone who has a terrible case of the flu who has literally not slept for three days to "just force" themself to go jogging. Dumb!


Colleen - October 26

I thought it was just me! I keep telling my husband that if I didn't have to walk on the bottoms of my feet I would feel Ok some days. But EEGADS I catch myself walking on my tip toes. So glad to know someone else has the same symptom. But also sorry to hear someone has to suffer too.


Lori - October 30

My heel pain started about 6 months ago. My doctor sent me to a podiatrist who told me I had plantar fascitis and that this was a common problem of fibromyalgia. Now the pain is in both feet and I can barly walk it hurts so bad. When people see me struggling to walk they ask what in the world is wrong with me and when I tell them I have fibromyalgia...they say that is what doctors tell you when they do not know what is wrong with you. The pain is very hard to take but what I find to be even worse is the lack of understanding. So many people say "hey everyone has some sort of pain, you just got to learn to live with it." What I find to be so frustrating is that I can say I have the flu and get all kinds of sympathy but if I say I have fibromyalgia - no one seems to care.....


Patricia - December 22

I was also told I have Plantar Fascitis and Achilles Tendonitis. I was fitted with inserts for my shoes. Although I still suffer from this condition as long as I use the inserts the pain is much less. It did take several months to reach this point. I should also note that my Fibromyalgia pain has increased since I was diagnoised in 1992. I just became aware (thanks to this site) that memory loss and foggy brain are not due to hormones loss. I really need a new doctor!


Jean - December 23

Hi JR: The first step is to see a Rheumatologist who diagnosis this condition. Then he/she can lead you to the next step. Once your diagnosed and you still need answers come back but ask the doctor as many questions as you can. Write them down and get your concerns answered and hopefuly you will have a doctor who will communicate well with you. If that does not happen find another. Happy Holidays.


Del - December 26

Plantar Fasciitis was my problem. It is usually caused by the stretching of the plantar fascia muscke under the foot. It connects the ball of the foot and the heel; if stretched too tightly, you better believe you will experience pain. I deduced that my problem arose after we moved into a new home which had a concrete-based floor. Going barefoot on this floor over-stretched the muscle. I corrected it simply by adding additional cushioning inside my shoes with 1/4 inch thick foam pads from Dr. Scholl's (four pads trimmed to fit, in each shoe). P.S. My chiropractor and another doctor didn't know what to do about it, but none of their suggestions worked, either. Common sense rules, sometimes.


Connie - January 24

Yessss...I to have had heel pain and consulted with a podiatrist who gave me a cortisone injection. The shot helped for awhile, but the pain in returning. I'm now considering consulting with an accupunturist.


Caren - April 24

WOW what a relief! I thought I might have done something to my feet but am relieved to hear that it is just another one of those horrid symptoms that seem to arise whenever it suits them.
Take care.


athena - May 25

yes i also have heel pain with fibromyagia I thought it was heel spurs


Coree - June 15

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with heel/foot pain! I thought it was just something else to add to the list. Mine started in my right heel and now I sometimes get it in my left foot. If I stretch it out occasionally it will feel better.


Kathleen - July 2

I've been stuggling with heel pain and a variety of diagnoses for almost 10 years. None of the plantar fasciitis remedies worked, no fracture confirmed by bone scan. Just out of curiosity, what kind of work do you do that keeps you on your feet all day?



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