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can cause be linked to injury
2 Replies
davidzena - February 11

I 1987 I was injured at work, 3 damaged lumbar discs. My job was highly stressful and under pressure, but continued, with mediacation for pain, for 5 years, then after more stress became tired and in great pain, forced to retire medically. Diagnosed then 1993 with Fibromyalgia and now costochondritis. Disabilty severe, dificulty breathing, walking etc. Is it likely that the injury of 1987, stress and lack of sleep due to pain since injury (2 nights a week sit up in chair all night, no sleep) be the cause of Fibromyalgia. I am on morphine, steroids and other medication, enough to take edge of it, but there seems no cure and Doctor's argue as to causes and state no hope of cure, thus Social Services and support is negliable as no future for work, now 59 years of age. Sad after hectic life, sport and running daily 6 miles etc.


jcrane - May 6

I have fibromyalgia as a result of a head on collision which occured 20 months ago. The stress and strain on my emotional and physical body was pushed to the limits...this is how my fibro developed...and that is from my rheumatologist. A life changing experience or dramatic event CAN cause fibro.


Robin1237 - September 19

The answer is actually different than what you realize: we have a bacterial infection, Lyme disease. The bacteria inflame the nerves and soft tissue and also like to settle in places of weakness and injury, since they are anaerobic and there is less oxygen in injured locations. You mention your active sports and running history. That may be how you got bitten by an infected tick(s). Go to and read up on it. there are lots of people there helping everyone. The best testing lab is at It's good to find a Lyme-treating doctor to work with. We generally need antibiotics, plus people are also doing other treatments too. You can also email me at [email protected] to discuss if you want.



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