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6 Replies
lolly - June 30

What do you do when you really can not breath?


Teresa - September 13

I have days where I feel as though I cannot get that deep cleansing breath. I have been dealing with this for a couple of years,have had lung test and thyroid tests. I have not had a DR. give me a diagnosis of firbromyalgia but after reading all of this I believe that is what I have. Sometimes when I just can't get a deep breath I lay down on the floor with a small pillow under my middle back that seems like it opens up the rib cage a little. Massage therapy does seem to help me I know some say it hurts too much. Anyway...I know how you feel when you can't breathe it only adds to the fatigue. Feel better.


tia - December 21

I have no answer except that I recently had severe problems with breathing, even going to ER a few times, I had a bad cough so was treated with Nebs. still have no clear answer as to why I went through this


Jean - December 23

I have not had that problem but I might say anxiety could play a part in this but hopefully you've talked to your doctor. It could be something else going on. Happy Holidays


Sheena - April 9

I've had breathing problems for most of my life. If it's a throat thing (not in your lungs) try sticking your head in the freezer door, the nice cool air sometimes helps to relax your throat. Try sipping on cold water, that usually helps me too. Sometimes I' can't breathe too well due to back, neck, and chest pain, in that case, try laying on your back for a while and try meditative breathing. It helps a lot, and is also a really good relaxation therapy.
Also, try this technique to reduce tension:

you feel better!


Susan - April 27

1 1/2 yrs ago i found out i have Emphysema and just 6 months ago i found out i have Fybro who knows if this is linked no one in my family has either problem but it gets realy hard to breath sometimes for me and i am on two inhalers. one time i thought i was having a heat attack but it turned out to be the pain and pressure in my chest from the Fybro and then the trouble breathing was the emphysema. I hope you find the answer its hard not knowing but just as hard knowing. Good Luck


Tamara - June 30

I have struggled with my breathing for three years now. It was the most noticable and bothersome of all my symptoms in the beginning. I went through so many tests of my lungs and heart and found no answers. Just last month, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It was a suprising diagnosis for me. I have found that watching my heart rate during exercise (so that it does not get too high) and continually telling myself that I am getting enough oxygen really helps.



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