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braking teeth
4 Replies
Beone - January 11

anyone else having trouble with braking teeth, i have had 4 broken teeth in the last 2 years.
This is hard to deal with as i get stressed out going to the dentist,mainly because you have to stay still and everything hurts, you want to shift and move in the seat to take the pressure of the muscles, also the nerves don't react like normal. Ive find it hard enough to get out of bed and help out around the house let alone go to the dentist and put up with that stress as well, it is doing my head in.


Fantod - January 11

I don't think your teeth are breaking as a result of Fibromyalga (FMS). I'm not a big fan of the dentist either. Most of my teeth are now crowned due to excessive wear. My particular specialty is clenching and grinding. You should be asking your dentist if there is any indication that you are doing either of these. I wear a bite splint at night to keep my jaw relaxed and to preserve my very expensive dental restorations and the few teeth that are still intact. Whether we like it or not the dentist plays a very imoportant part in our overall health especially heart disease. I am the dental patient from hell but I go three times a year to make sure my teeth are looked after. Take care.


Canada17 - January 12

It sounds like your teeth are losing calcium.

I've had the odd chip on a few teeth and one tooth that has broken four times but that tooth is the one I had a root canal done on. Apparently, once the root is gone, your tooth can no longer keep the calcium and minerals in it that it uses to stay strong, so it broke.

Are you female? Have you had kids in the last two years? Being pregnant can deplete your teeth and bones of calcium as your body grows your baby. Just something to consider.


canadacalling - February 7

Yes, Beone: I am experiencing some teeth needing to be capped or crowned because I am such a grinder at night. Also I had veneers put on four at the front, but I think even they are being affected. I am going to have a long tine relationship with the Dentist, no doubt, just when I do not need it.

Hang in there


weemama - February 17

I don't have any breakage with my teeth, but I do clench my jaw when sleeping, and sometimes wake up with the insides of my cheeks clenched in between my teeth. A little painful....



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