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weemama - May 11

He everyone. I am really feeling awful the last few days. So tired and I really have no energy. My head hurts all the time and last night my jaw started to hurt..Now my leg is aching and my lower back....yuk! My job is really getting to me lately because of all the lifting, and when I get home I have to start again by looking after my mom who is 94. She is so awesome, but is unable to do much anymore. I have a sis that lives in town, but she refuses to lend a hand. I wish I could just have some alone time and relax. Sorry for whining...just needed to vent. Maybe someday I will wake up feeling good again.


New Friend - September 11

Hi there. I'm Fran. I can relate to your aches and pains. I have been out of work now for 4 days. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and it has slowly gotten worse. I am glad your Mom is around, I lost mine when I was 19, and that's always someone I wanted when I was sick. I'll come kick your Sister in the rear if you need me to. :)

Heavy lifting, in my opinion is about the worst thing you can do. It totally reaks havoc on my lower back. I literally hurt form head to toe.
I have gain a lot of weight from the Lyrica. And I need to try to lose it for my knees and feet.

The pain killers don't really work a whole lot and I am on Cymbalta as well. It is supposed to work well with Lyrica. If what I feel every day is considered 'working well' then I don't want to know what I would feel like with out it.
I beat Cancer last year hands down, but this is nothing compared to that. I pray mine does not get any worse.

I am just now starting to walk a little and stretch a whole bunch more than usual. It seem to help, however, I am on my feet 8-9 hours a day at work, but I don't have to lift anything.

Is there a way you can switch job duties? Does your boss know about your FM. (Mine does, but still thinks it's all in my head. Nice, huh?)

My all time worse pain in upon wakening. Stiff back raging with pain, neck tight and sore and my darn feet feel like they are going to snap.

After I take my meds, I am good most of the day then it rears it's ugly head in the evening and night time. Who would think that sitting back in a recliner 'relaxing' watching a movie would cause pain? Well, it does, the second I get up for something or when the movie is over. So as of late I have been trying to keep mobile before bedtime.

I know 100% in my heart that stress flares it up for me more than anything else. I went to Vegas with some friends for a week (they took me as a 'get outta Cancer trip') and the whole time I was there my pain was about a 2, maybe 3.

Holy cow, the day I came back and went to work....there it went...9 when I woke up and was never really under a 5 since then during the day and has remained an 8-10 when I get up pending the activities the night before.

I would recommend you have your boss, sister, friends read 'FM for Dummies.' Someone on this forum told me that and it only helped with the few friends I told about it. I think my boss would just give me a dirty look. But then there's my fiance. He has no idea what to do for me when it flares up. And yes, it is truly tough on a relationship. I was not this way when we met and now I'm a home body and that's not really attractive at all.

This FMS takes over your life...if you let it. I'm going to take it by the horns. I'm 42, have been with my company since I was 16, I have a beautfiul grandson that I want to hold and play with and a man that loves me and I need to be able to do more than sit around and feel sorry for myself.

I have only been on this forum a short while, but have already taken some advice and learned a lot, and ironically, I feel better. At least mentally. There is nothing more discouraging than trying to explain how you feel to a person who will never truly understand. But 'we' do. All of us on here.

If you would like to ask any questions or just to have a person who is in the same boat listen to you, then post your comment after reading this and I will reply.
Have a great day. Take a deep breath and sike yourself up. (One thing I forgot to mention is that I KNOW I WILL HURT EVERY MORNING!! And I am trying to 'just deal' with it vs moaning and groaning and walking around all hunched over. I know that in 30-45 minutes after my meds kick in I will feel much better, so I try not to dread waking up, and not to focus to much on it since I know relief is on it's way.) However, before my diagnosis...I would cry and be scared since I did not know why I hurt like I did and I kept thinking about other things that could be wrong. No, I did not want FM, but I have it and have to deal with it in my own way at my own pace and solicit as much help as possible. We could trade sisters. Ha ha. Mine's about like yours!!
God Bless,


Stacey373 - September 11

Hi Weemama - Your neck and jaw hurting could be caused by TMJ. Especially if you've been stressed, you might be clinching your jaw without even knowing you're doing it and that will cause ALOT of pain and headaches. One thing you could try is a mouth splint. you should really see a dentist for this...but if you can't afford to (like me) you can buy a sport one at Walmart for about $1.00 to wear at night when you sleep. It might help with the headaches.

I sure hope you can find some way to relieve your stress and relax. I have 3 kids and can't really get out of the house by myself to do anything "relaxing." Instead I read every night before I go to sleep and that's what I call my "me time." It's actually helped me alot.

Hi Fran! After reading your post, the one thing that caught my attention was that your meds aren't working very well. Have you thought about trying some different ones? Just because the "normal" medication for Fibro is Lyrica and Cymbalta...doesn't really mean they will work for everyone. As a matter of fact, I don't take either one of those.

I really think you should talk to your doctor because you really need to find the "right" combination of drugs that will work best for you. you shouldn't be having this many problems...and once you do find the right combination of medication, you might actually feel a whole lot better.

Just a thought...I hope both of you find some relief. Take Care, Stacey :o)


weemama - November 28

Hi Fran: Thank you so much for your input. Wow, you have really been through alot in a short time. Some days I find myself sitting and feeling sorry for myself and then I meet someone like you and wake up and realize....hey it could be worse. Your letter was such a godsend for me. I am now going to take time at the end of each day and have a me half hour or so. Stress does give me alot of flare ups and like you, when I go away for a few days to visit my daughter in Edmonton, I feel great. No real pain or headaches, no dizziness or balance problems and my back pain is gone. But when I get back to work and reality of home, here we go again...Am going to try meditation exercises when I have my quite time and see if that will help at all...
I think all the women on this site are such very strong women and now I have met yet another one.
Hope to hear from you again


weemama - November 28

Hi Stacey: Thank you for replying and giving me an answer to my problem. I thought I might be having a heart attack, but when they tested me for four hours, they couldn't find anything wrong.It is so awesome to find out something, and yes I do clench my jaw when I sleep as I have woken up with both sides of my inner cheeks clamped between my teeth....Ouuucccchhh...I have a small ridge on each inside cheek as of sking is getting quite tough...hehehee


Stacey373 - November 28

Hi Weemama - I'm glad I was able to help you. It sounds like you REALLY need to find a way to relax and alleviate some of the stress in your life. I keep thinking I'm gonna pick up a yoga dvd or something like that and try it...just never seem to get around to doing it! Another thing I want to do is get a tread mill so I can do a little walking during the winter. Thinking back....I felt better when I was able to get outside and walk...even if it was for only a few minutes.

Another thing you might try is writing in a journal. I have a "mental block" when it comes to this because I spent a lot of years with doctors telling me I would feel "all better" if I just wrote in a journal. But honestly, I know that it can help to relieve stress and you are able to write it all down, get it out of your head, and let it go.

Anyways....I hope you are feeling better now (you posted this a while back) if you ever need to talk or vent or whatever....I'm always here to listen. Take Care, Stacey :o)



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