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At a complete loss
3 Replies
KateBeth - May 28

Hi. If anyone has any resources or advice that could prove to be beneficial when facing doctors- lay it on me! I've had Fibro symptoms since.. goodness- 12? Which of course means I had the doctor after doctor scenario, where they push a pamphlet or two, address my 'other issues' (the severe scoliosis, the hyper-mobile joints, the torn ligaments, depression and anxiety- anything BUT the probably-fibro). I have tried Bowen therapy which helps for a day or two, the chiropractor which is still apart of my weekly regime, the stretching. Nothing comes close to the pain, the fatigue, the dizziness.. need I say more? And, because I am only 20 doctors roll their eyes tell me I have severe health problems but.. what can they do? I'm going back to the doc this coming week is my hope as I've been out of health insurance for quite some time. ANYTHING that could help me get these doctors to stop PUSHING ME OUT THE DOOR, would be simply amazing.


Pikespeak - May 28

Hi KateBeth!

When I was diagnosed I brought in my daily journal, a highlighted list of FMS off of the computer, etc. I had also read FIBROMYALGIA FOR DUMMIES. It helps that I have had the same doctor for 7 years, so he took my concerns to heart. I know this scenario is not what many go through...the point is, BE PREPARED! I have been on Ambien (for sleep) ever since, which has made a huge difference in my pain/energy level.

Because I had a really great sleep last night, I was able to finish planting my garden this morning, do some laundry, then off to buy more plants, back to the house to plant, mow the front yard, take a short nap, then off to a meeting!

Before Ambien, I would lay awake for hours before falling asleep, only to be awakened by severe pain in my glutes/hips! So if this sounds familiar, perhaps the sleep issue might be the best way to initiate a discussion with your doctor...


deigodirty1 - May 28

I know what you mean about pushing you out the door, they think I'am crazy but we are the ones that know what hurts and how sick we fee, I have insurance they still don't want to treat me. It's worse now because I lost my mother 5mths ago so they go with I'am just depressed which is true but i felt like this before she passed, I would keep up a good face for her because she was so sick and I took care of but now who's going to take care of me so Now i tell the doctors what I think they should do.I'am so tried of playing their game it's time they listen to us, speak up if you haven't already and tell them what you think they should do. good luck sorry so long winded just so feed up.


FibroInParadise - May 28

Hey there - I'm 21, and recently diagnosed. You can see my post on the general discussion board.

My biggest tip would be - try your best to be composed... Talk to the doctors just like you would talk to a friend. Try not to be intimidated by them. Acknowledge your other issues. But don't allow them to ignore the rest of what you are feeling. As someone else on another thread said - they are OUR employees. Find another if they won't listen.

Remember - you are NOT crazy ok? Don't let others make you feel that way.

It's hard being young and feeling like you aren't being heard. But hang in there ok!

You will get through this.



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