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Appetite Issues- Need help!
8 Replies
writerchick - February 2

I have FMS and also Hypoglycemia. Part of the problem (I think) is my appetite. It sucks. I fight trying to eat regularly because I know it is necessary, but if I'm not hungry, I choke on food. And most often I don't get hungry. I have tried protein shakes or oatmeal to get something in my system, but even those are getting difficult. I'm not concerned about the weight issue of eating, in fact, I know that by not eating, any hope of weight loss is hampered.

Any suggestion on how to eat when you don't want to or getting an appetite back? I appreciate any help!


solanadelfina - February 3

When you say eating regularly, do you mean eating three squares a day or little meals?

My appetite has also been quite strange in that I can't pack as much as I used to at one time, but I get hungry and dizzy later on, so I eat small meals and little snacks scattered between. I usually pack a snack for running errands and pack a whole picnic for work with a meal and two snacks planned. Even just grabbing a clementine (mini orange) or some string cheese can help to get something in the bloodstream.

I hope this helps you out.


aBeserra - April 9

Since reaching my worst part 5 months ago, I have lost 15 pounds, and i started of with a 17 BMI... I can not physically eat. I, like you, am never hungry and have tried everything. The conclusion? Eat anything. I love having healthy food, but as soon as you get a little craving, even if it is just for a doughnut, go get a doughnut. Starting off just eating, only if you eat half the doughnut can be good. However, try to get the doughnut then say to yourself "i have to eat my banana first". Since your body is craving the doughnut it will be easier to digest down the banana.

Good luck!


tnichel - April 9

I eat maybe one complete meal a day. I used to never have an appetite before I was diagnosed. But the lyrica made me eat more and then I came off of it. Now I'm back to eating one meal a day.

Certain food smells make me want gag. I detest the smell of ribs and beef. I can order something that looks and smell delicious and then throw it away after the first bite b/c it turns my stomache.

So.....I snack on small things all day. Mostly fruit b/c I can get that down even when not hungry so I can take my meds. I coul eat candy all day but I now it's not good for my health or fibro... thus the fruit. Do you have ribs or get stomache cramps after eating?


writerchick - April 13

WOW! I am so deep in the fibrofog! I was browsing the topics, saw this one and thought "that sounds like a problem I have". Um, yeah. (for anyone that didn't catch it, I posted it) The suggestions are definitely helpful, thanks! I have recently started on a seizure medication that further takes my appetite, on the plus side it helps the fatigue a little bit :) So, basically I fight for just about every bite now. I will try your recommendations, aBeserra, I seem to have rediscovered Reese's cups lately. Maybe I'll try to throw some protein in front of it next time.

tnichel, I have noticed a hypersensitivity to food smells as well. I try to keep prepared fresh fruit and veggies available, as well as cubed cheese and wheat thins. I find it easier to trick myself into a few bites of these than a sandwich when I'm at work or running errands. At home, I've gotten better at yogurt or fruit. still dropping weight though.

Thanks for your help and support!


tnichel - April 15

Writerchic, thanks for the laughs. It's easy to lose your post on here. lol. Now, what the heck was I asking you in my last sentence? Jeez, I must have been having a really bad day. Even now I don't know what that question meant. So much for my proofreading skills. lol.

Anywho, I'm getting closer to figuring out what's going on with my appetite. I was sent to surgeon for more testing. He says doctors always tell people they have ibs and their usually wrong b/c they don't want to take the time to find the right diagnosis. I think I may have a gluten intolerence. I've been eating soup for about 2 months since it's the only thing I can keep down.
i hope they figure out soon. Congrats on losing the weight. That's not easy to do with all our bodies go thru.


kctogetherforever - April 17

My daughter had Hypoglycemia and lived on chicken. Boiled and cut in small pieces. Too much fiber really messed her up. There is a comic that has it and his motto is "protein, protein, protein". Can't remember his name. Come to think of it he is thin. I will ask her what else she ate that worked. K? Hope this helped. She really got sick of chicken. Kathy in Tennessee.


JFogged - April 17


I understand your frustration. I have just gone through a period of suffering from severe malnutriton.I lost 132 pounds in 2 months. Now I will not say that I could not afford to lose it, but the doctors were about to have a cow. I was so weak I could not get up from a chair for months.

Check with your regular doctor. There are several meds you can take that will improve your appetite and they have very few side effects.

Although I am getting better( I have gained back 30 pounds)I am being fed through a tube in my stomach and you really do not want that.

Take a good multi-vitamin and add b6 and b12 as well as vit d3.

The first one will help your overall health and the others are to help with some of the pain.
They have done studies and found that a large portion of the people with fibro has a very low vit d3 level. when they add it to their daily intake it seems to help dull down some of the constant pain.

Good Luck,


jacksgramma - April 17

For me, I also have an appetite decrease. I have started weight watchers 4 weeks ago so I can see that I am getting enough to eat, but you are right, when you cannot eat you actually gain weight or inhibit weight loss. I have lost 4 pounds in 4 weeks but I did that the first week and for the next 3 weeks I am the same.

I don't choke or anything I just am too tired to eat.





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