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Anyone in Perimenopause?
6 Replies
severina55 - March 1

My doctor says I "might" be in this or have polycystic ovaries. I think its perimeno. Lots of my symptoms are crossing with Fibro. Just wondered if anyone here is experiencing this
right now, and if so, how are you coping.
thanks, Im new here.


sulydi - March 7

I am in perimenopause, and my fibro pain is the worst it has ever been. However, I cannot tell what symptoms are from what. I have however, had my hormone levels checked (don't have the results yet)and have an appointment at a menopause clinic. Hoping this will help. And as for coping, that is all I am doing these days. On good days, I get things done, on bad days I go to work, come home and crash. I am tired of the pain, but try to enjoy what I can.


dc8057 - March 12

I'm having problems with my period lately.
I stopped having a period for 3-4 months. My doctor put me on the birth control pill to induce a cycle (period). It worked the 1st month. I had a period for 6 days. Then the 2nd month my period was for 3 days. And now my third month I had hardly any period for 1 1/2 days (starting 5 days late.) At first my doctor thought maybe PCOS. But unclear of the problem at this point. My doctor is having me continue pills for 3 more months and is checking my hormones.
I don't know how this all relates to fibromyalgia if at all. But it's annoying with the problems I already have. I understand the good and bad day thing completely.


SonniK - March 25

hi severina
i was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid, perimenopause and Fm at the same time! I have pelvic pain (tender point. right now my Dr has me on low levels of hormones and naproxen for the pain.
this doesn't sound like much of a coping mechanism but i listen to my body. If i need to rest, i do. If i need stretching i do that. for now Ive found the best thing i can do is meditation for relaxation and "talk" with whatever the source of complication is at the to it and tell it to relieve your pain. sounds nuts but it works!


iorabuena - March 26

Hello everyone,

I have been diagnosed with FM for a few months, I'm currently seeing a rumotologist. I keep asking my self if the symtoms I keep having are FM my doctor keep's telling me that it is. Does anyone feel like this: I'm having a very hard time sleeping because of the muscle tention I can't seem to ever find a comfortable position. I have deep aches from my shoulders to my upper back and around to my ribs. Sometimes I feel like even my chest feels tight I'm always tired because of the lacke of sleep. My doctor currently put me on anti depressants (nytropyline) at night and also muscle relaxers. He wants me to try this for a few months. He also wants me to go to physcal therapy to learn how to stretch. I work on a computer allday so it doesn't help. I'm glad I found this forum because it makes me feel like I'm not alone.....Thanks, any responds will be helpful


belle1329 - March 26

I just got my results from GYNO I just found out Im post menopausal, no other abnormal reports
Im 51. I was on the pill a year.
I still have the fibro, but have been having some good days...KNOCK on wood!!!!


akatlanta - March 27

I am perimenopausal and have had the worst Fibro symtoms ever ! I am in the process of getting my hormone levels checked by doing a 29 day Saliva test. It's a more accurate Diagnostic Test you can get through Genova Labratories. But the muscle aches are excruciating right now. After the salvia testing I can resume my Chinese tea which has helped with the overall Hormones/Fibro symtoms....along with some accupuncture. I think--HOPE once I get my hormones in balance again...the Fibro won't be as bad !! I hope !



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