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anyone have these symptoms?
18 Replies
jrzgirl - May 5

Today my legs felt like they were numb yet I felt pain, they felt like they were going to give away. I have been doing more than usual, my whole body hurts but I feel like I have weights around my ankle's yet my legs feel weak. My hands hurt and my lower back, this is really scary, I feel like quitting. I drop things and that scares me even more, my memory is bad, thank you for your input
Blessings to all


wonnievt - May 6

i have the same symptoms on my right side my hand arm leg and foot and my hip. i have had fibro for 4 years, I use to get very upset when i would drop things on bad days or could not up things. I had to train myself to use my left hand and. This is very scary and sometimes i say stop world i want to get off, but i keep going. memory problem i don't have alot of that , but i do write everything down. Even little things like doing a load of laundry after work i'll write it down and put a note on the washer. I hope i helped a little


jrzgirl - May 6

thank you for responding, it seem worse sometimes, especially when I get out of bed in the morning or for no reason at all. I have it in both legs, I also have RSD and Reynauds and possibly MYS. It is so hard to function , we are putting our house on the market on Monday, I have so much catch up on, I get exhausted. We had it on the market last year(July-Jab) but took it off, the stress was to much and we did alot of upgrades, I pray that God will allow us to stay here where we are and not have to move, financially it is impossible to live in NJ on Social security alone. Please keep me in your prayers, my husband has so many health issues, but I know that God has it all planned out already so faith is the key word for me.


Myriam - May 6

Hello Jrzgirl,
I know how you feel- I had carpal tunnel surgery because of numbness in my hands and all this time, it was FMS! My feet, hands and forearms are usually tingly all the time and sometimes, I can't lift my legs high enough to walk upstairs. I drop things all the time, my husband calls me the worse clutss ever! But he knows why. My lower back is the worst though, somedays I can't get up. My legs have given up on me quite a few times, at work or home. I will be sitting at my desk and then get up to go to the bathroom and OUPS! i'm on the floor. My hands are bad too, I am an avid beader and jewelry designer. I am scared that one day I won't be able to bead anymore. My back and my hands get better with a warm bath. You need to keep your head up, and support your husband as much as you can. You know, I believe that everything happens for a reason, even the bad things, because after the rain, the sunshine always comes...
Thinking of you and good luck


ptalana - May 7

Hey jrzgirl, I can relate to the numbness as well, thank God it's a temporary thing, but scary all the same. It does seem strange that while we experience numbness the pain is still there?!?!
My spine and neck have been horrendous ever since my accident, I never truly appreciated how life altering a back injury can be. Dropping things, falling, crawling up stairs, and pain are now everyday life. The thing I'm learning to focus on is "LIFE", not the pain and inconveniences. I feel that a positive outlook is so important in dealing with everything.
Getting a house ready for sale is such a stressful time, try not to take all this on yourself. Is there anyone that can help you? As for quitting you and I both know that's not your style, you're a strong woman who's already handled so much! There is a song ( I wish I could remember what it's called, dang fibro fog) that says when you feel you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on even tighter. These are words I've lived by, especially these past few years.
I'm so sorry that you have to move, this economy has negatively impacted so many of us. My family are barely holding on ourselves, my faith has also played an important part in my strength and resiliency.
I wish you all the best, remember we're all here for you. Please take good care of yourself, Patty


wonnievt - May 7

my thoughts and prayers are with you. your house will sell and god only gives us what we can handle. i wish many good days.
happy mothers day


FARMER1870 - May 9

hi jrzgirl,

If I over do it when I am having a pretty decent day, my pain level goes way up. I have trouble some days where I drop things out of my hands, when I actually thought I had a good grip on it. Then, I will pick it up and I will be dammed if I don't drop it at least once or twice more. I have to make sure I get breakable or hot beverages and food with two hands. It very frustrating. It makes me feel like a klutz. I never use to be this way, until I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 5 months ago. My memory has also, become very bad. I think in part it may be the medication, but the other parts are probably pain, stress, depression and tiredness, due to lack of sleep. It really annoys me that I put things away and forget where I put them or go to do or get something and the same thing happens. It is very hard for me to concentrate for too long and I used to be able to multitask, but I currently can't do this anymore. I have a difficult time trying to complete one task at a time. I hope this input is of some help to you.


Fibrochick - May 10

Yes yes
My legs feel like lead weights sometimes, especially first thing in the morning. But I try my best just to ignore it, I tell my self the pains althought they feel real aren't, I relax my muscles as much as I can, because sometimes I could feel them like tight bands around my ankles and wrists, and carry on. Posture is so important, as soon as you slack off on one side, you casue problames on the other.
My right arm feel numbish most of the time. (Had all the tests all negative,no nerve damage etc; just fibro!)
I have had this for 22 years..but I am determined to not let it get me down....


canadacalling - May 12

I sometimes feel as though when I bend over I might go right over topple on the floor. Now that is scary because I am a widow and live alone. This dropping things is also getting worse. I am not sure who wrote that they have had fibro for 22 years, I guess I must be in that group as I was diagnosed in l990. I wonder sometime4s, just how much worse this can get, but then I just pick myself up and try to cope as much as I can. Cymbalta has been good, but as in my other post, the side effects are bothering me now after 2 or 3 months on it. Why is this, does anyone have any ideas. Take care, from up in Canada....


tnichel - May 12

Don't worry too much about the dropping things. I do that all the time so I asked my rheumy about it. He said not to be concerned. He did a study with the renowned Kleinert & Kutz hand care center (the one that did the first hand replacement surgery) They found the clumsy hands are not linked to anything. Just an annoying problem so you need to be more careful and take your time picking things up. I hope this gives you one less thing to worry about. Please get some rest. I know it's hard and I'm to last one to offer advice on doing less since I try to do everything but it sounds like you really need it. What is MYS? Hang in there and you will be in my prayers as well.


lupitareyes - September 10

I know how you feel.I tried using a Treadmill and it seems to help.At first it is hard to walk but once you get warmed up your legs loosen up.My memory is bad tooo. I am upset because I cant seem to work without making mistakes.Dont give up.Slow down a little and get your rest.I tend to do more on my good days then pay for it later with body aches, arm, hands,legs, & overall joint pain.


ladryna - October 12

re: dropping things, I just wanted to say I have this same problem and the best thing I have learned is not to carry hot things in my right hand! Seriously that is the #1 thing I had to learn!
I often want to just "stop" but I know I can't and I know that if there was/are/is anything after this life I would miss the people and cats and flowers and rain and thunder and clouds and music and laughter all so very much.... there is no do-overs, so I just keep going everyday and looking for a pretty cloud...


jrzgirl1 - October 14

I am a Christian, born again, I do not push my beliefs on anyone but since I got saved, my life has changed, no the problems do NOT go away but if we do not go through tests, we have no testimonies, My scripture is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"
I know that I know there is a Heaven and I will be there one day, and be with loved ones who have been saved by the Grace of God. I have a strong faith and yes there are times I ask God " Why" and a pastor once said the answer to this is "I don't know- yet"


chefbeth - October 14


My GP diagnosed me today with FM, although will see a Rheum. in about a month. My GP has been seeing me for a number of years, so I completely trust her, as she knows my history. Anyway, whatever I go through, whether it's FM or anything else, my faith carries me through. I can be a good testimony, or a terrible testimony. I choose to be a good one. God Bless, Beth :)


flipper68 - October 27

i don't know how long i've had this but they told me i had it about 6 or 7 years ago. i'm doing ok, by the grace of GOD. that is as long as i don't go anywhere, or do anything. does getting in and out of a car bother anyone else? i've also found i can't lift but about 10 pounds or else i pay for it. also i can't stand still in one spot, i have to be able to walk,or to at least move around, or my upper back kills me. boy, this venting stuff really feels good. thanks and GOD BLESS.


Irisheyes - February 18

Hi jrzgirl, I'm new here but wanted to say that I also have a problem with memory, very foggy and out of it feeling, drop things all the time, very clumsy and can't find the right words that I want to use sometimes. You're right its very scary. I have back issues and severe pain at times in my lower back, sometimes so severe I think I'm going to fall when I try to stand with the pain! You didn't mention whether or not you are seeing a doctor? Take care, Kathy


Skyler - March 4

I get that, except its my toes that go numb. I thought it was weird too, but now I know it's happening to someone else. All you can do is breathe deep, and wait for the "fog" to pass. It will. :-)



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