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Anyone have leg, butt & foot pain with fibro?
12 Replies
dsm8122 - March 2

My Dr has diagnosed me with fibro because has found nothing else wrong. I get cramps in my feet when I am moving or squatting. It comes & goes. I can't sit long. I have to get up and stretch constantly. My calfs & hamstrings are often tight. I have weakness off & on in my legs. Anyone else have these issues? It started out just in my back!


Fantod - March 2

Yes, to all of the above. It is common for people with FMS (Fibromyalgia) to have tight muscles and tendons. You can try taking Malic Acid (tablet) which you can find at any decent health food store. I use about 825 mg daily which helps with cramping, twitching and tightness. Make sure you understand what you are taking and any risks associated with homeopathic medication. And, take some time to throughly read through the information in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Especially the section on "Associated Conditions." Take care.


meltingavocado - March 29

Yes! I still don't know much about how FMS works, but my case started with severe foot pain that moved up into my hips, and it felt much like you described. Stretching and yoga have been good for me (without overdoing it). But the best thing I've done for it is acupuncture. Totally don't understand how it works, but after just a month of treatments, I could walk/stand pain-free for the first time in a year. Best of luck!


ptalana - March 29

Me too, to all the above. I agree with Fantod in reading the info provided in the blue boxes, they hold a wealth of info.
If you do take natural meds it is imperative that you check these out with your doc as some can cause extreme drug interactions.
I have found that doing a light pilates routine has helped me out. Not only because I'm physically doing something proactive, but I find it helps with my emotional well being. I have also had some relief when I apply heat to my sore muscles.
Welcome to our fibro family dsm8122 and meltingavocado.


belle1329 - March 31

yes to all above and knee arm elbow , cramping and toes and feet and legs and calfs Neck pain and clicking and jaw pain and tingling all over body and aches :(


dsm8122 - April 14

meltingavocado- Did you try massage before acupuncture?


dsm8122 - April 14

Belle-what type of clicking are you having?


belle1329 - April 14

my neck clicks/cracks when I move a certain way, sometimes it almost feels like its stuck for a sec. It was doing it alot last week , not as much this week. My elbow clicks when lifting a cup to mouth motion or certain ways I lift it it, or trying to exercise it clicks /cracks


mrod12 - April 14

i do all the time its like a burning sensation


englishrose - April 30

Is your burnig sensation there all the time or on and off ?I too experience the clicking and burning which happens much more often lately ..


canadacalling - April 30

I wonder if you have been checked by a dentist, because I have TMJ and that is the way it presents. It is so painful, I just end up with percocet, and hot pack and go to bed for awhile until it subsides. I have been to everyone, but an operation would not be any help as the disks at the side of my head/ear have been destroyed. how I don't know.....


dotty555 - May 2

belle. my feet have stated to click, do your feet hurt when you walk more than around the house. i do try and walk when i can but this is making it difficult most days. x


Suzi R - May 4

Hi,I have only recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Mine started with severe back pain between my shoulder blades, and pain down my spine.
Some mornings mainly, i wake with very bad pain in the heal of my right foot. Its awful..feels like someones been trying to hack it off while i was sleeping...sometimes i cannot stand on it without excruciating pain. I have been refered to a pain clinic....but iam still waiting for a appoinment. I have been off sick from work now since the end on January, and have now given in my notice. As i cant even get to my bathroom easily...let alone go to work. I would never get there. I have applied for DLA, and i hope i get it, as i now have no money to live on, and relying on my boyfriend & son to keep me fed.
This is my first post ever on a fibro forum, so forgive me for the waffling. Love to all of you XX



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