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Anyone got double vision going????
22 Replies
justshea - September 8

I have double vision in my right eye, all the time. Sometimes, it's even triple vision. I'm always testing it, from the time I get up, til I go to bed. My left eye is really working overtime.


trixiemyrtle - October 18

I have same prob with cloudy double vision.and the doctor who went over my medical files for my long term disability says he sees no reason I cant drive a school bus. And as all you know who suffer from this vision lose its a good idea not to drive at all let alone others children


JMiley2 - October 27

Yes...definitely....You're not alone on that one!!


fishingflorist - October 31

i was told it is like lazy eye. Your just to tired for your eyes to focus. At least i hope thats all it is. I'm glad other people have it also. Now I won't worry so much!


smiles10 - November 6

what did you ever find out about your double vision? My problem sounds like yours. It's only my right eye that has ever had the problem, I notice if I wear sunglasses in the day while driving it won't do it as much, at night the car lights are so blurry (this is new), it is worse when I've had less sleep at night, my contacs also seem to make it happen more often during the day than my glasses do. But I have a question about yours. Can you see (in the mirror) your eye "vibrating" or does it hold perfectly still (and no one else can tell that you're having a problem)? Is your double vision on top of eachother or side to side? I know it sounds like I should just get more sleep and stop wearing contacs, but just curious about your problem and what, if anything has helped you. As far as FM goes, I never have aches/pains, tiredness, I have an overabundance of energy always :) The first time I had this prob. I had just had a baby. Now 6 yrs later I had another baby and it came back, this time it seems to want to stay alot longer... ??


Auvonto - November 8

i get it at times alot at work. i was so scared one day because i just couldnt get my vision straight. i work on a computer all day and need to read whats there and i couldnt i think it was a good 5 min. before i could see correctly again.


kjoy - January 24

I have been having double vision several years now I have went to a eye doctor and he said I have 20/ 20 vision with my glasses, but I have spells of double vision. It seems no one believes me. It is worse when I am tired. I have been diagnosed with fibro for 6 years. It seems to be progressive.



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