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Anyone got double vision going????
22 Replies
hoppy - November 21

I am experiencing double vision when I drive. This started several months ago. I tried Lyrica and Savella but that made it worse...Just wondered if anyone else has this symptom? Thanks.


Canada17 - November 22

I do, not very often though and it's usually only at night, or when I'm really tired.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with fatigue.


DeeAnnaN - November 22

Me too! I have had every test under the sun, including an MRI. All tests come back negative for anything that could cause double vision. I had no idea FM could cause this. Sometimes it gets so bad, I feel as if I am going blind.


Canada17 - November 22

There are still a lot of symptoms that doctors aren't sure if they are connected to FM or not. This disease is almost like pregnancy in that it is different in every person and what works for one exacerbates problems in another.


swttee4u - November 24

i've have experience this also. i've been suffering with fibro for about 16yrs. and it gets worse as time goes by and it starts to affect every muscle. i went to the eye doctor and he know i have fibro and he says that it can weaken the muscles in the eye or tighten them to cause this problem. i do eye exericises. i put my index finger right above the eye ontop of my eye lid and massage it and it helps. i hope this helps you. you are putting to much strain on your eyes and that's what's causing it. also try watching tv with a light on.


hoppy - November 24

Thanks everyone for answering. My double vision yest. began about noon, for what reason I dont know? I was fine up to that point, and was travelling and driving about 170 miles. Good thing I had another driver because I couldnt hardly make out the lines on the freeway, so my friend drove back home. I cant understand what causes it to begin???? Im going to try eye exercises and get an appt. with an eye dr.....any other suggestions will be appreciated.


hoppy - December 12

I had an appt. with an opthamologist yest. to check my double vision. She indicated that it was probably from my fibro.....that there were a lot of unusual symptoms that goes along with this stuff. I am ordering new lenses for my glasses and they are going to torque the prism to correct for this symptom. I guess the fibro affects the muscles of the eyes, also, and it causes a weak eye. So, I am happy that there is a way to correct the double vision.....hope this info helps someone here. Take care.


DeeAnnaN - December 13

Me too. Same thing. I get double vision so bad I feel as if I am going blind. I've had every test under the sun, including an MRI, and everything fails to show any reason why I would have double vision. My doctor wanted me to have a psych test, which I must admit scared me and insulted me. I decided to do research at home and found that there are many people with FM that have the same problem. I find it sad that neither my doctor nor my rheumatologist knew that vision disturbance could be caused by FM. I really thought the days of the medical community not taking FM serious were over. Guess I was wrong.


hoppy - December 14

Hi DeAnna; sorry to hear you are suffering from the double vision dilemma. I was so GLAD to get some confirmation from this eye doctor about the fibro. I was also in denial about the fibro until I saw a rheum. and she confirmed it. I never really believed it existed until I got hit with it. Good days, bad days, cant ever tell what its going to be until I get up and going in the morning. Anyhow, get yr vision checked and see if it cant be corrected with lenses. I am ordering them today and will get back to you on how successful it is........Take care and hugs.


hoppy - February 1

Hi DeeAnna; re: the double vision problem, I got my new glasses and they seem to be great. No more double vision. I think they corrected the prism on the glasses so I am so happy about this. The eye dr. said the fibro affects the eye muscles and when you get tired you get the double vision. She said the fm is similar to lupus. Arent we just the lucky ones???? Hope you are doing well. Regards.........


Ootie - March 5

Hmm, my vertical double vision is constant - I've had it since 2005 and it only gets worse. I'm constantly getting new prism lenses too. Does anyone here also have the double vision chronically (all the time) too?


ptalana - March 5

I am with you all, my eyesight has been getting worse, it's like my vision is milky?! I've always associated my double vision to the vertigo I suffer with. Recently I've noticed alot more floaters in my vision, also dark shadows creeping in from the outer corners of my eyes. This is scaring me, I'm afraid of having these shadows taking over completely. I guess I'll have to go to optometrist again, I'll mention the prism lenses that you say have helped.
I unfortunately am unable to take Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella due to extreme reactions. Hopefully with new research finally being done we may get answers and maybe a cure soon.
At least most of the medical community have accepted Fibromyalgia, and now know "it's not in our heads".
Welcome to the forum hoppy:) Patty


Canada17 - March 5

I recently visited my doctor because I have been having a hard time with seeing distance, it's getting fuzzy. I have reading glasses and they help with reading but I've been developing headaches when not wearing them, even for the distance.

My doctor adjusted my prescription and sent me on my way. I ordered sunglasses (because I am blind in the sun without them) and changed the lenses in my reading glasses.

Well, the new prescription while getting rid of my headaches has actually made my distance vision worse! I went back in and asked them why my vision is now worse, and it turns out I am "very sensitive" to the slightest difference in prescription! Oh, big surprise! I know it's my Fibro making me "sensitive", it's like broken record now.

So, we discussed bifocals, progressives, and separate glasses for each prescription. Bifocals: He said that I would have to tilt my head up when looking at the computer screen. Since I already have enough neck issues on a good day, I decided that was not a wise choice. Progressives: He said they blur your peripheral vision, since having glasses is enough of a bother to my peripheral vision, I decided that would not be comfortable for me. (I've always had better than 20/20 vision until two years ago)

So, $700 later I have ordered pair of prescription sunglasses for distance, a pair of reading glasses, and a pair of clear lenses for distance. Yay me! Oh, and Insurance only covers $100 per year. Boo!


cjspain - March 7

I too suffer with double vision or very blurry vision frequently. Usually at night, or when I'm really tired. Makes it difficult to read or focus on much of anything. Be careful driving!


Duo - March 10

I also have probs with blurred vision and extremely dry eyes. I am waiting for results of an MRI scan (done on 13th December 2009 !!!!) as on three separate occasions I actually lost the vision - albeit for only a few seconds (very scary). I was told not to drive until I return to see consultant and who knows the results may be ready (but I won't hold my breath). My own G.P. told me to rinse a cloth in hot water (only as hot as you can bare) and place it over my eyes. I found it does sometimes make the dry eyes more comfortable but doesn't do anything for blurred vision. Regards


belle1329 - March 12

I get it once in a great while, but I do feel like my vision is getting worse and wrose, very blury, I have to wear glassess for distance, near vision is ok (reading) but seems to be starting, Lighting and color realy bother my eyes.


justshea - September 8

I have double vision in my right eye, all the time. Sometimes, it's even triple vision. I'm always testing it, from the time I get up, til I go to bed. My left eye is really working overtime.



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