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any ideas?
6 Replies
ptalana - January 14

Hi all, I live in Halton Hills ON Canada and I'm wanting to reach out to other Fms/chronic pain sufferers. Would like to start an informal link to others who may need to just talk either on-line or by phone. I realize that there are support groups meeting monthly in surrounding regions. But as we all know waiting for the monthly meetings sometimes doesn't address those who need to talk immediately. Sometimes just having a friendly shoulder can help with dealing with not only our pain, but at times frustration and loneliness. And this is what I'd like to help others with, I'm not a physician just a fellow sufferer. And some sufferers may not have a computer, or just need to hear anothers voice, you know what I mean? If any of you have any suggestions on how to get started please let me know.
Thanks, Patty


stephanyb11 - January 14

i think that is a fantastic idea patty!!! i wouldnt know the first thing about getting one of these started but i would def. been interested in joining!!! i will keep an eye on ur forum!!! thank you for the great idea!!! even though i have a very supporting husband, he just doesnt understand like fellow suffers do...


ptalana - January 15

Hey stephany, thanks so much for your support in my idea. I'm hoping to be able to reach out to anyone who just needs to hear a friendly, compassionate voice. I know even for myself just having the opportunity to speak with someone who really gets what I'm feeling would help in especially combating the isolation I feel at times. I'll keep you posted on how things are progressing. Thanks again stephany hope you have a super day. Patty:)


stephanyb11 - January 20

hi patty, i just wanted to stop in and say hi and see how you are feeling.. i have been miserable!!! the doc is starting me on savella, i did a little research on it and i really dont like the side effects it listed but at this point i am willing to try anything!!! i hope you are doing alright!!! hope to talk to you soon


ptalana - January 20

Hi Steph, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad:( Sorry this is the first chance I've had to do any posting in a few days. My daughter lost her best friends dad, he was like a surrogate father to her. So I was caring for my 2 month old grandson for the last three days, what a joy! He is our little miracle, as he had underwent heart surgery at 2 days old. But he is now thriving, thank God!!!! There is nothing like that feeling when they look into your eyes like they are physically becoming part of your heart. His amazing smile just takes my breath away. They picked him up at 11am and I'm suffering from baby withdrawal already, can ya tell? But boy oh boy am I feeling it now, can't hardly move. Oh well, totally worth it!
Let me know how the savella works for you. My doctor doesn't think it's an option for me as I've had such problems with other meds. I wish you luck, and hope you don't suffer from any of those nasty side effects, and that you get the much needed relief.
Take care, Patty


Fantod - January 21

Hi Patty - I think I would start by finding out about the FMS support groups in your area. I just googled "Fibromyalgia Toronto Ontario support groups" and a bunch of groups came up including Mississauga which would be close to you. Contact them and see if they do any sort of outreach on the telephone or have members who have expressed an interest in talking to other FMS patients. I think if you do some digging you'll find some people in your geographic area that would appreciate having someone to call when things are tough. Take care and let me know how your idea is blossoming.


ptalana - January 21

Hi Fantod, thanks for the suggestion it's definitely something I'll be looking into. I've currently booked a phone conference with a member of the town to discuss how to start and whether I need to incorporate. I'm also doing some research on a website called charity village. I'm trying to think of names I've come up with a couple, Hear for you, or Need to talk? What do you guys think? I'm open to any and all other ideas.
I'm so looking forward to maybe helping other sufferers.
Thanks again, Patty



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