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Any CMP help?
3 Replies
Harold - September 6

I have had a half year of cycling pains from Myofascial trigger points in the chest area. They get strong enough to mimic heart pain. Over the counter pain killers have little effect. I have had some degree of help from self applied Myofascial trigger pont therapy.

Has anyone here experienced this? Has there been anything to prevent the relentless cycle of pain?

Kinda rough if this is for the rest of my life!


Dannie - August 6

I have that too! It's awful. I was diagnosed with MP 4-5 years ago. If it helps to hear it & did lessen up for me over time. I aslo get Tp injections. the doc gives me morphine, says it's the scariest place to get the pain....YUP! no one really understands who doesn't have it. tennis balls or massage really helps sometimes & heating the area w/ moist heat too. my masuese found Tp's in my pectorals the size of silver dollars... stress hey? it's CRAZY.


Tim - August 10

I was diagnosed feb2005 with cmps, and am now off of work because I developed chronic asthmatic reactions to the dust there. I was a supervisor for 10 years and my entire lifes work is in the wood products industy, now my life is on hold my Dr. doesnot believe that there is a connection to the cmps and the allergies. I dissagree .I have carefully followed the reactions with written diary and am desperatley seeking some type of relief have found a specific type of treatment that I intend to pursue.. Look for Dr. Gunn on the net and read about his treatment for cmps. Looks promising to me. Luck to you all.


R.S.Hagen - September 6

I have thought for a couple of year that I have CMP, I have only known it as Myofacial Pain Syndrome, what tests did you have, and did you see a rhumetologist?, My Dr is not doing too much at this point we are just treating my Flare ups, I have been diagnosed with fibro... but I have way more problems and pain for just that, I was also resently in a secon auto accident, Don't have chest pain so much as heart palpitations and shortness of breath,



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