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anger anger anger!!!!!!!!!!
17 Replies
linda brown - October 21

I just don't know. does anyone else have a problem with anger that you just can't control. I mean, I just lose it everyday seems like. The doc says that I am a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. Does anyone have any advice on this


Robin1237 - October 23

If fibromyalgia is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection, one of its symptoms is called Lyme rage, since the brain is affected by the bacteria. You can go read at and do a search for anger and read people's posts. If Lyme is the problem, then antibiotic treatment is needed for the bacterial infection.


islandguy - October 24

Anger, Anger, Anger ! ! ! I have had that problem and have discussed that with my doctor. Poor guy...I usually go in with a list of things to talk to him about because I can't remember them unless I write them down. Anger is always on my list. Obviously my friends are doing this and that and I am not capable on a day to day basis to manage most of my affairs the way I would like to. That makes me angry. When I am in pain all the time and I can hardly pick up a glass of water with one hand..... that makes me angry.
Having a brand new grandson and I can't hold him for fear of dropping him...that makes me angry !
Acceptance of my capabilities and pacing myself accordingly has helped. I find that I need to keep my mind out of the bad places. Meditation, quiet places, doing things that you enjoy, and acceptance of our changing lives seems to help me in some way. I know where you are coming from and as my doctor says "it comes with the disease".
Take care....


tnichel - October 26

YES!!!! I'm just now realizing I am angry all the time when i'm not alone. Work is stressful b/c I'm constantly trying not to lose my temper with others. And even one of my friends says she noticed I have no patience lately. Duhhhh!!!! But what to do about it I don't know. I haven't talked to the doc about that yet but I'll bring it up since I'm not the only one. I usually try to take frequent breaks to clear my head.


dalejr62 - October 31

I do the same thing I am so angry lately I know it's because Im feeling alot of pain right now.


joannag - November 4

I know exactly what you're saying; every single morning I have what my husband calls "the daily outburst". I feel like I'm losing control sometimes and it scares me. I think it is mostly due to unrestful sleep, so I am left cranky and irritable. Couple that with the usual morning trauma's like running late, bad hair day, dog having an accident on rug (he's old) and bam! My advice to you is to breath deeply and sit down a few minutes when these feelings bubble up. Concentrate on positive thoughts and do something enjoyable immediately to divert your anger. Call a loved one and chat, pet your pet (if you have one), or meditate (or pray, if you like). The pain and byproducts of it are frustrating and yes, make you angry. I told my doctor and she attributes alot of my high blood pressure to the fact I can't calm down. Try what works for you and stick with it. Be gentle on yourself; you're more than likely dealing with alot. Hope you feel better soon.


agrim - December 11

guess there is no "great ans" all comes w/the day 2 day living. u'll just have to find your place of "comfort". hard 4 me also and like my doc says..have to learn to deal w/all the issues this disease puts out 4 u...not an easy task. can't do the same things i use to do..cut hair..on my feet all day..all that comes w/it
in my mind i can do it all.....i do not work now..full time at anything. so i do the window display for a friend in her jewelery shop..understands and lets me go at my slow pace. lucky there. so i've found a somewhat outlet there..good at it (of course)..and now a slower pace and lots of breaks...the anger is there but i feel blessed that i can still cope. maybe putting y'rself in a differ place..guiet place..surroundings..thinking..our lives r 4ever changed...angry?....lots of it....acceptance?..we all need it. day by day. my doc is a pretty knowledgeable guy....
you hang in there..not that it gets better...but accepting the change will help.

after thought here..i'm not by all means the best person to give advice.....i'm learning everyday myself. just thought i could put my 2cents in. sometimes it helps....sometimes it helps me also.


dalejr62 - December 11

It is an anger problem dealing with this on a daily basis. The cold months the Holidays, I dont want to gat up and go to work. But if I dont I will of course loose my job! Im a single mom. My oldest daughter (no job) and three grandkids were living with me,just moved out yesterday! after being there since july my middle daughter now pregnant, living home with me,and my youngest daughter is a senior. I dont dare ask "what next!!!!!!!!" I can barely afford to pay bills. Im at wits end. I have trying to just get by day by day and not let it get to me but Im going down fast and you guys are all I have! (forgot to mention its a 2 bdrm house 1 bath) I went to see the rheumie yesterday and when I got home my youngest tlod me her sister had moved out. Yeah not even the common thanks mom or nothing which is fine! At least now I dont have to try to support them. My bestfriend & coworker avoids me like I have the plague! Thanks to her being here when I need her!!!!!!! I just feel sick to my stomach right now!


mcsgram56 - May 21

My guess is who wouldn't be angry at such a dibilitating syndrome that leaves you unable to do so many of the things you once loved. I get very angry too & it doesn't take much to set me off. Oh well!


PEGGY - May 21

there are meds that really help you need to find the right one that does it for you. myself i am grateful to have this disease versus terminal cancer knowledge is the key to coping learn all you can so you are in control don't let it control you mentally accept be angry at the fibro not your life


VictoriaB - May 27

The last 3 weeks I find that I have no patience for things I used to................I find myself wanting to be alone all the time...............I am very you all feel that way?


linda brown - July 15

thanks every one, the advice has really helped


moonbloom - July 23

I do! It seems I have all these problems listed! I've had fibro for over 25 years. I fly off the handle despite taking Cymbalta.


fibrosufferer - July 30

I totally understand. I have the same issues. I'm on wellbutrin but it cause BAD headaches. I didn't take it today and miraculously it disappeared. If you hurt yourself or others then seek professional help, otherwise it's a matter of being self aware. I want to let you know there are others who feel like you do and your not going nuts! Find a way to release the tension. Walk, talk etc.. Use your energy more constructively. Hopefully it will help. Maybe a pet to take your mind off of it? Sincerely, V


PreggowithFMS - August 10

Wow, I thought it was just me! Before I got pregnant I was so angry (I still get angry) and anyone close to me knew that I was also like a ticking time bomb - I found out that talking to other people about FMS and making "me" time helped out a little bit. Of course I also smoked (I know - bad bad), drank a glass of wine or 2 and would just try to drown myself in a book sitting outside in the sun or taking long long hot baths wanting to be alone alot of the times because I felt I was really no good sitting on the couch looking like I was waiting for death. I am still angry at times but now that I am pregnant the symptoms are not as bad (well I should probably say they are not in full effect) even though we all know FMS really never goes away.

It never failed that I would be able to function M-F but come Sat & Sun it was like the attach was on full force, like I was being punished for fuctioning for 5 days. I wouldn't be able to play with my kids, be comfortable enough to just be in the living room with them and I could (somedays i just depended on my pre-teen to make due for her and her sibling) barely get up to make them something to eat, which would really make me mad, depress me and stress me - and we all know where that goes - my plans were constantly cancelled and I just felt like my life was starting to be a waste, but like one person said - at least we aren't dying of cancer and they have a point. Anyhow, I have rambled but I was starting to take some anti anxiety med which I know helped a fellow FMS sufferer with her anger/stress.

How have things been since you posted last?


angireed - August 15

I was just diagonosed with fibro a year and a half ago. I am a full time college student and just got married. I get angry about everything sometimes, which is wierd because I'm a pretty laid back person. However, here are a couple things that help with the anger outbursts.
First, take a deep breath through your nose, as much as your lungs can hold, hold for about three seconds and let it out slowly through your mouth, do this about five times and you will feel tension draining out of you. Also, if you are at home (bear with me this will sound strange) you could try taking a warm bath while soaking your hands in cool water. These don't always make the anger go away, but they usually help me keep a reign on it.


rdw776 - August 31

Dr's want to they know....I'm angry,
my husband is angry, my kids are
angry. Who could have all the pain
we have and not be angry. why me,
never sick a day in my life. Im 57 finally
have reached a financial place where
hubby and I can now have fun. Now we
only have one salary again. I also have
many other condistions that I just found
out about, osteoporosis will have to take
shots everyday for 2years. 4 broken bones in my back, 2 hernicated dics in
my back and 3 blugging dics in my neck.
Plus somekind of foot disorder which is
causing me to have a stress fracture to
my heal bone. What keeps me going
is the love of my kids, and my brand
new grandson, I just think of him and
how he recogonizes me and smiles when he see's me is enough to change
my anger. I thank g-d that I got it at 57
and not older when I really couldn't help
myself at all. The anger is just the first
process, next comes greif, I'm still there
why me, what did I do to anyone to deserve this. Hitler should have had it.
but again I think of the grandson, and
another one on the way (and pray they
stay healthy and that helps.) Maybe you
shold explode that might release some
of the anger. anyhow hope you realize
now your not the only one suffering out
there with anger. respectfully rdw



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