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Am I losing the plot?????
4 Replies
Tracy - September 6

I am sat in my living room with the blinds shut lights off wearing a pair of sun glasses to watch the television. I have an adversity to light, started to have a problem with noise, a noise in the next room can be piercing. Only to me though. I have found that I am getting really agitated really quickly.I have had fibromyalgia for some time are these symptoms or am I losing the plot??????


Jean - January 8

Hi Tracy: No your not losing the plot. Noise, Lights these things are oversensitizing your central nervous system so these things are really coming into play with you. You will need to stay away from it and rest. Are you on any medication that may help with anxiety and depression with this condition?


Tracy - January 8

Hi Jean. I am taking Citalopram 20mg a day. I feel like I am going crazy,its silly things like I can not remember how to spell, if I am watching a programme the adverts come on and by the time they finish I have forgotten what I am watching, My hair feels too heavy for my head.. it hurts soo much I have come close to shaving it off. I am taking other medication and I thought maybe it was that but then again I have been taking it soo long I should be used to it by now.


Jean - January 10

Watch your stress levels and maybe a psychiatrist can help you gget those neurotransmitters calmed down.


R.S.Hagen - September 6

You might have more than Fibro, CMP maybe, there is other stuff you can take if you are leary of Antidepressants, a suppliment called 5-HTP is often used in place of those, I was taking it for awhile, really helped my sleep, I stopped for a time because I am taking some other meds that also cause drowsiness, and didn't want to overtax my system. It was recomended to me at the healthfood store. instead of seratonin, (not as hard to wake up after either) I would recommend that you also take a look at your diet, I nearly had a mental breakdown when my kids were young, I went of caffiene and junk food, made myself go to bed before midnight, and drank lots of water. stress and chemicals overload our body, and sometimes it takes a while then you get a flood of reaction in your system. and yes these are symptoms, but they can be treated naturally, I would suspect VitB12 is in short supply in your body. These are symptoms that I just recently read about, look it up I was amazed at the aweful things that can happen without enough of it and folic acid in our bodys. I take a large dose multi which has 75mg of each of the B vitamins and many others plus minerals and digestive enzymes. I notice a big difference when I forget to take it. Also after my car accident I had post traumatic stress, my GP recommended St. John's Wort, it is very good for stress, especially for women during hormonal changes. When all else fails there is prayer.



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