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abandoment by husband due to illness
3 Replies
donna c - November 21

I had been hospiaized for clincal depression. husband abandoned me athospital and emptid my home out .states to my children he can not deal with my fibromalgia because he can't watch me sufer


Joni - November 9

Donna, I am so sorry for your abandoment. I know how you feel. I went through a divorce in 1999. He could not accept my illness (depression & fibro). Hang in there. Get yourself a good support system either through family, friends, church, and/or professionals. I have met someone 1 year ago that has been so helpful for me going through this. He lets me sleep as much as I need, takes care of yardwork, helps in the house & cooking. For him it was not a deal breaker (my illness) with the good qualities that I have to offer. Try to focus on your good qualities. Wake up each day & think, "What can I do that is nice for myself today?" Just chip away at the things you must do & many things can wait overnight or later. Do you have your kids? I am soooo very thankful I have my kids. Without them it would be worse. Please find ways to cope, hang in there. Bad days make the good ones seem better. I really feel for you! Please write me back here & let me know how you are doing. Hugs from me.


Jean - November 10

Hi Donna: I'm not sorry for his loss. It is not your fault in having this condition. He just wasn't man enough to tough it out with you. Marriage is a committment and having illnesses is hard on spouses as well as other family members. I don't mean to be blunt but you did not deserve that. You need to educate your family and friends on your illness so you can build up your support team. People you can talk to franlky and have a shoulder to cry on. This is not easy and if it gets to hard seek out your doctors for added support. I hope you have good doctors ones who can communicate to you well and easy for you to talk to. God Bless and take care and we are hear for you.


Dee - November 21

Donna, sounds to me like you're better off without your husband. What kind of man would dump their wife because she has an illness. It's not like we have control over this horrible condition. If you ever need a friend to listen, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected] I'm here whenver you need a shoulder.



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