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fibromyalgia and allergies?
3 Replies
hilary - June 17

do I have fibromyalgia? I have had many of the symptoms for years- the main one I've been preoccupied with solving is chronic muscular pain. 20 years ago when I was in college I rowed on the Crew team. It's a sport that involves heavy exertion. Over the years I've mostly blamed my right hip pain (chronic, since 1985) on the workouts we did for Crew. I have tried all sorts of therapies over the past 2 decades to deal with this issue; chiropractic, hiring a personal trainor, deep tissue bodywork (Rolfing), osteopathy, physical therapy, and regular massage therapy. NOTHING has worked for long (even a week). The symptoms got more widespread about three years ago when our family went through a big upheaval in leaving an extreme church that we'd been a part of for over 15 years. Unfortunately I took to drinking during that time and continue to struggle with using it to temporarily lesson my pain. As I look over what I've already written here I'm thinking that I am so self pitying. I look forward to chatting with other people who can relate.


TIM - June 16

Hillary , your story is the most familiar one to me as I had a serious compression fracture injury to my spine in 1986. Two years rehab back on my feet at age 30. I saw my chiro on an as needed basis for the last twenty years. Ten years ago I quit working for myself and started a new job until present. 3-4 years ago I had to start seeing my chiro on a pretty regular basis as constant spasms in the old injury site persisted. 2004 it became crippling and the chiro adjustments were not helping. After MRI's I was diagnosed with CMP in Feb. 2005 the symptoms seemed to be related to a very stressfull time in my family also. Then on Oct.05 I was dignosed with hyper allergic reactions to the dust at my work. A very stressfull situation also. In Nov.05 I noticed for the first time chronic muscle pain that did not feel like regular over exertion type pain.. but more like rubberbands around my arms legs chest etc..
Diagnosed FMS Feb.06.. This is not self pity it is just the facts of life don't blame yourself, for your condition. I definitly have my days when the depressiion feels like I'm going to suffocate but somehow keep an open heart to recognise that the body and the spirit can be two separate things. Don't let the body dictate to you what the joy in your heart can be. I'm not saying this for just you because in reality I need to here it myself. Hope you are feeling better sincereley, Tim


Tim - June 16

Sorry I did not completly answer your question
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sounds like fibro..see a ruematologist...


Anne Hillebrand - June 17

Hey, you've survived this far, don't stop now.
Read about using Phenylphrine for the allergy symptoms at All free site.



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