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18 y/o with Fibromyalgia
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belong2 - January 1

I'm new to this board. I live in the Raleigh, NC area and would love to attend a support group if anyone knows of one!
I was diagnosed in June 2008 after the two most difficult years of my life. I was also diagnosed with stress depression. It was a relief to know it wasn't "in my head" as some of my doctors had started suggesting.
I am a college freshmen and NO ONE understands. No one even knows what fibromyalgia is. I hate being the one who sleeps all the time and the one who doesn't want to go out sometimes because I'm tired or hurt.
I describe it as a constant general sense of uncomfortable-ness and at times it feels as though someone is stabbing me in the back between the shoulder blades with a hot knife.
Some days I feel perfect and other days I hurt all over and am so depressed.

Anyone else my age out there?


llcsmom - November 20

Hi Bre,

My daughter is 12 and has fibro, and although she is younger than you, she would probably like to communicate somehow with you. She has the "sleep alot" issue and the back pain like you described. She describes her worst pains that she gets as "broken glass" pain sensations.
We are in Wisconsin, so I can't help you with a support group. My name is Dawn and her name is Lauren. She was diagnosed 1.5 years ago at age of 10.
She is in 7th grade, so my concern for her future is high school grades, keeping up, getting into college, etc.
Have you checked into what your college has available for disabled students? 504 plans are supposed to cover students not only in high school and younger, but also for college and as an adult, as an employee. You might want to check into a 504 plan, at least. Lauren has a version of a 504 at her middle school. (She has missed 20 days out of 45 the first quarter, this year, and we haven't even hit much winter weather yet!)

Let us know what you think! Take care!



Fantod - November 21

Check with your local hospital and library to see if they are aware of any local fibro groups. You can also Google "Fibromyalgia Raleigh" and see what pops up. Take care.



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