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17 year old girl diagnosed, quite nervous.
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Sheena - July 1

I am a 17 year old high school student, and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am very active in band, it is, literaly, my life. For something to interfere with it is quite rare, and must be very serious. I've always been the peppy, happy, uppetty type of person, but since my legs and arms started their inccesant pain, I've been a little discouraged. Do yall know of any teenagers with this condition? If wo, that would help, just knowing I'm not a complete rarity.

Thank you,
Shawnee, Oklahona


lisa - April 27

I dont know of any but have read that this can hit at any age.


Anne - April 30

Hi, Sheena. I went to high school at tiny Wanette. I'd like to help you. Email me [email protected]


Jack - May 2

Sheena, I'm 20 and I was diagnosed when I was age 17. I'm in college and have had to make many modifications to my once sports-filled life. You aren't alone


Kimmi - July 1

Hi Sheena, I got sick just after my 15th birthday and was finally diagnosed when I was 18. I'm 22 now. I had a very hard time keeping up in theatre which I was extremely active in, I even had to give up two lead roles because I just couldn't do it. You are not alone. Personally, I have found that exercise helps me so much with all my symptoms. I suggest that you try and find things that relieve your symptoms so that you can stay active in band. I was always very peppy too and I still try to be. Pretty much, you can only take one day at a time, and I am not going to let this stop me from the things that I want to do, so you shouldn't either! Good Luck! If you ever want to talk you can email me at [email protected]


candycane - August 26

sheena, my daughter who is 16 has fibro and has massive pain and so far nothing has helped we live in chandler and we dont know any other teens who have this


reychel - December 4

Hi Sheena

I was diagnosed when I was 12!!!!! Im 26 now!!!

There is hope you just can't give up and you MUST follow the treatment, medicine and exercice.
Also make sure that people that live with you know about fibro. This is really important. No one belived me in the begining when I was always tired and complaining about pain. My family used to say that I was lazy and/or did not like to stay with them. I took me 12 YEARS to seek treatment because I thought I could handle it by myself, don't make the same mystake. You have a condition and you need help!!!!


kristina622 - December 6

I was diagnosed at 17 as well. I've had it for 2 and a half years and you kind of just get used to it. Don't let it interfere with your passions. I started trying to do more after i was diagnosed, like volunteering at the local animal shelter. If you keep doing what you love, the pain will seem like a small burden to handle. I know it sucks, but I think having fibro had built my character and made me an even harder worker than before. Feel free to email me, as I have been on your shoes before.



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