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16 with Fibro.
6 Replies
RainandHales - June 3

Hi everyone.
I am 16 years old, and have Fibromyalgia. It started off as a secondary illness to my Dysautonamia, but as I have gotten older, the pain is getting worse.
When I was 13 I got a headache that wouldn't go away. It still hasn't. Its easy to say that Fibromyalgia is not my only health issue. So my Fibromyalgia has gone without any treatment, due to the fact that it is overshadowed by my other diseases. But the past few months I have had horrible back pain, increasing joint pain, and for the first time numbness in my back.
My mom is taking me to see a Rumo, to help us get on track.
But I wanted any advise from you guys, I'm sure some of you have been battling this for quite some time and know a lot about this all.
So any tips for medication. What works? What doesn't work? Bad side effects? I know everyones different with meds, but I'd like to hear your stories if your willing to share.
Also does anyone know of any good pain killers? Ive had a headache for 3 years, and I'm willing to try anything.

PS. Are headaches associated with Fibromyalgia?

Thank you
and God bless


solanadelfina - June 4

Welcome aboard. I hope that we can help you out.

Everyone's different, but my best luck for a pain med has been tramadol. I haven't noticed any specific side effects that are linked to it. I also take the generic form of Flexeril, a muscle relaxant, at night to help me sleep. Magnesium is also very important for us, so I take a supplement along with a multivitamin every morning and also eat almonds every day.

Depending on what all you have going on, some gentle forms of exercise can also be beneficial. I would suggest arranging a program with a physical therapist who's knowledgable about fibro. Pool exercises are especially recommended, especially in a heated one, because they support the body and can also increase one's range of motion. Some basic yoga or Tai Chi can also feel really nice on achy muscles.

A three year headache... I'm not entirely sure that's due to fibro. I'd bring it up with the rheumy, but you might want to get an MRI or something to check on that.

Most importantly, remember to take care of your emotional health as well. Talk to those you love, and get as much humor in as possible. Good luck, and let us know how that visit goes. A prayer for you tonight.


jerrybaby - June 8

Yes, headaches do come along with Fibro. About meds.. I take an antidepressant (Cymbalta) and one for my insomnia (trazadone). They have done wonders for me. But the problem for you will be your age. You will most likely not be prescribed antidepressants because at your age they have a very high risk of suicidal thoughts. Now, that being said, there are other meds that work for some, like Lyrica. I wish you luck on your quest for less pain.. keep us posted on what your doc recommends for you. And as Solan said, light exercise can help a lot.


axxie - June 9

Hi rainandhals, and welcome to the Fms family forum, where you can pose questions, and answer them or just let off steam, we all have our days and everyone is here to help each other.

I'm concern about the three year headache, wondering if you don't have food allergies, posture or injury related. It can't be trigger point related because the headache would go away and come back.

Have you been checked for hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid or hypoglycemia or hypertension, hyperthyroidism symptoms. I'm sure your doctor has done these tests, but ask when you see him and ask that he checkes.

Sorry to say that giving you antidepressant at your age is high risk most doctor will stay clear away from those, but there is still a wide selection of medication that they can use to help you.

If you will need to be patient, since you are a teen and still growing you will find that close monitoring of your dose and having a simple diary monitoring your pain, will help you best describe your pain and what the your current dose and medication is doing for you.

I would want to get an MRI to rule out other possibility for your headache pain.

I'm in my fiftys and wish no young person has this pain, it's hard one us, so I can imagine that it must really suck for you. I hope you can do some kind of exercise to help you manage your pain. Try going to your local gym and paying to use the sauna or the heated pool, that helps with the pain in all kinds of weather. If that is not an option, you can replicate the sauna effect in the shower, try gently stretching your muscles while you are getting some release from the steam or hot water. Try using tylenol for arthritis it may help you, just make sure you clear it with the pharmacist as to the corect dose. Try muscle pain patches, they might help, also try creams that you can use.

I take cymbalta and trazadone, since both are antidepressant I would not suggest using these medication, unless your doctor wants to assume the risk and see you every weeks to monitor your mental health.

Good luck to you.


RainandHales - June 9

My three year headache has already been diagnosed in relation to another illness that I suffer from.
Sadly, due to my other diseases I cannot take hot showers, or anything like that because my blood pressure will drop and I will faint. Which sucks when you have fibro.
Ive been experiencing shooting pains recently. And they are not fun. All of this is so new to me.
Over the past four moths it has just spiraled out of control. I've only really seen nurologist and other doctors to do with my other illnesses. They past my fibromyalgia off as a secondary concern. But now its clear that I need to go to a rhummy.
Thanks you guys.
Just knowing that there are other people out there who understand helps a lot. [3


RainandHales - June 9

Also, I have been on anti depressants to treat my headaches. None really worked. But one, Effexor (sp?) made me really sick, and very depressed in a one week trial. Sadly its in the same family as Cymbalta, so that is out of the question.
I am on Seraquil for sleep. And a couple other things for my other illnesses. But nothing is treating my firbo, and its getting worse.
Also, I do go to the gym, when I can. But I have cronic fatuige syndrome so im always tired, and i am in college, so its hard to find the time and energy.


penthesilea17 - June 20

i have chronic headaches too. its insane isnt it im only 17 and falling apart is sucks i hate so were in the same boat. one of the only things that has helped me is taking my thumb and my forefinger and lightly pressing them to the inside corners of my eyes and laying down in a dark room with my favorite music on. just meditating and reassuring myself that everything is okay i guess even if it is really hard.



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