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constellations - August 1

Hi guys!

So I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May of this year(2011). I'm going to be a junior in high school and I used to be a rower. I was really wondering if there was anyone else on this website who was also in high school and dealing with this? Or really anyone at this point.

My family is incredibly supportive but sometimes I find it hard to talk to them about all of this, especially my mum, because I can see how hard they try and I hate feeling like I'm complaining. I'm away from home now, in France, with another family, and I've been finding it hard to cope. The family I'm with try really hard to give me the right foods and not stress me out, but no one has even heard of fibromyalgia here.

I'm super stressed about going into my hardest year of high school with no support from my school or potential teachers. I wish I could still row but that's just not possible with all the pain. I was coxing for a while but the stress made my blackouts worse and that was just not safe.

I have a lot of other symptoms that aren't common with fibromyalgia but I don't want to bore you guys with them. Either way, I'm scared still because no one has ruled out MS.

Sorry for this super long message.

Many thanks.


lucky13 - August 2

Hi, I'm not in high school, but I am a 31 yr old mother and since no one has replied to you I wanted to offer you a little support.

Having something wrong with you is scary, and I can only imagine the fear of MS and being in high school is scary to. It is very sweet of you to not want to burden your family with your "complaints" but that's what they are there for, to support you and do what they can for you. So as long as they are being supportive and trying, allow them to support you. They don't know how you feel or what's wrong if you don't tell them.
I would suggest reading the book Fibryomyalgia for Dummies if you can get your hands on it, I think they also have one for MS in the Dummies seris of books. They are very informative, offer some great tips and hopefully the more you learn about FMS and MS the less scary they will seem.
There is treatment, it's just a trial and error process to find what works for you.

You've had a lot put on your plate to be so young, enjoy high school the best you can, I have wonderful memories from high school, you deserve the same. Focus on having fun, and finding things you enjoy that doesn't cause much pain.

Good luck.


cincin - September 4

Hey, I'm not 15, not anywhere near it, 51 is my number,but we all understand how you feel. I totally agree with lucky13 about letting your family support you and to enjoy your school years as best as you can. I had to argue with my doctor to run a MRI to rule out MS, but he relented and did the test ruling it out, one less ? to deal with. Discuss this with your DR(hopefully you have one in France)and be strong in your conviction to have the test done. Either way it will bring peace of mind to you. You can deal with something if you know what it is,even if it seems impossible at times. Your host family sounds marvelous, bring them to this site if they are willing and let them read the posts and perhaps they will be able to comprhend even more.This is a very individualized disease, with different levels of symptons and tolerance/relief from meds.You must take control and rule out what works,helps and what aggravates(start a daily journal,how you feel,eat,exercise,weather,meds,etc.).What works for one person may not work for the next. It takes time to do this and let your family help along the way.Enjoy your schooling and the country you are in, stay as positive as you can.Best of luck



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