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Virg - September 25

I read your response dated June 30th and can't tell
you how my heart is with you. I can't wrap my head
around the actions of your motherinlaw. Everyone
must have been consumed with grief and exhaustion
stress but for you thats 10x 's over. I pray you're in a
better place.


colleen steele - September 25

Thank-you Virg, I am doing ok,I try to keep a stiff upper lip ya know,but sometimes it's really hard. My Dr.has me on 3 different antidepressants.I don't like it but it's better than feeling anger all the time.My husband is still the same and I never see my monster-in-law anymore.I always tell people she only did me two favors 1] that I never have to see her again {what she did is unforgivable in my book } and 2] that now I understand why my husband is the way he is. The whole family is weird they weren't raised with compassion,affection,you know ,they don't have scruples or morals.She is the Queen and that's that. I guess she hates me because I saw right through her,and I didn't play into it. She went as far as saying that I was a m.f. and that I stole her son.I don't know what that is supposed to mean but she can have him back. Anyway I know I am rambling ,but it feels good to talk to someone outside of it all.So far we have been lucky in that we haven't had any hurricanes this year.Although we still have about two months left to the hurricane season.Thank God for that.I could't deal with it right now, it is a very stressful thing to go through and especially with others in the family that need medical or the elderly like my mom I am 50 years old myself .I don't know were we would go,certainly not you know who's house.again thank you for your thoughts and prayers,they are greatly appreciated.......Sincerly Colleen


Virg - September 25

Dear Colleen, Through it all I sense some humour . That in itself helps tons.
Thanks for letting me know how things are. We're all here so keep in touch.



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