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need advice on being pregnant with fibro.
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emma lou - September 26

hi im young and just got married and want to start a family.. but ihave fibro and hered its worse wen ur pregnant and scared i wont b able to cope afta pregnacy as i stuggle with left arm and legs...

as ne one got any advice ??


Canada17 - November 22

I was diagnosed with Fibro June 2009, but I have had it all my life. I am 27 and currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second child.

I have to say that being pregnant has kind of put my Fibro into remission. The constant sharp pains and twitches I was experiencing, the odd food sensitivities have calmed down thanks to the hormones released during pregnancy. That being said, because of my Fibro I am more sensitive to feeling the discomforts of pregnancy, like round ligament pain and hemorrhoids.

When I was pregnant with my first, I did not know what was going on with my body. I knew what I felt but I had no definitive answers as to why. One of my Fibro symptoms is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity(MCS), if you experience this, make very sure you advise the doctors who will be attending you when you are in labour.

I was given Oxytocin to speed up my contractions, because I am so sensitive, damn near allergic, to medication, I responded "too well" and my contractions were coming very close together and very strong. I requested an epidural. The epidural worked for me for about 45 minutes and then started to wear off. Whether or not that is a result of my MSC I do not know, but I do know that the administering physician told me "I could give you more but I don't think it will do anything." When the epidural wore off, I could feel everything, which wouldn't have been so bad but a side effect of the epidural was that it slowed my labour down. So, not only did I feel everything, it took longer to get baby out. This time I am completely forgoing the epidural, I just don't see a point - I felt everything the first time and it can't take any longer this time (42 hours labour with my first)

My first daughter will be four in March. She gives me pause to smile at least once a day. She makes going through all the pain to have her worth while. It took me a long time to recuperate from my tough delivery, but that was also partly because I didn't know what I had and so couldn't treat it properly.

This time around, I know what I am dealing with and I am sure that it will take less time to bounce back from labour and delivery because I know what to do for myself to help my Fibro.

Having children is an amazing experience. As I said, my daughter made it all worth while. She makes me laugh and smile all the time, which is one of the best things to help make us FibroMites feel better.

Don't be afraid. Some of your symptoms will subside during your pregnancy, and your Fibro will make some of the symptoms of pregnancy more noticeable but I assure you it is all worth it in the end. The joy children bring to our lives is definitely good for our Fibro.

I hope my position helps you with your fears. Having children is scary to begin with but having a dis-ease to worry about as well makes things a bit more complicated. You may need more rest than the normal woman would, but just remember that every pregnancy is different and even very healthy women have very complicated painful pregnancies. Anything can happen. If you want children, don't let Fibro stop you.




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