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vjschulz - February 12

So, I am in the military and right now in Iraq. I was talking to my doctor about always needing to take a sleep aid because I can't seem to stay asleep. He thought that was interesting, then he asked me how long I was fighting endometriosis. I told him 5 years, he also thought was interesting. I'm not sure if the my GYN has ever told me that I infact have endometriosis or he just assumes I do since I have pain mostly in my pelvic region.
My sister had a hysterectomy at 28 for endometriosis but she is also fighting fibromyalgia. I'm afraid I might have it. My current condition has caused me to have two surgurys in a year. I don't know what will happen if I am diagnosed with the condition. I don't know.


axxie - February 16

Vjschulz, first of all I would like to thank you for being in Iraq for us, you are one brave soul. As for having endometriosis, does not mean you get fibro, just because your sister has it, the probability of you having it, rest entirely on you and your situation. As for needing a sleep aid, maybe it because you are in Iraq, the situation is quite stressful to say the least. So I would just blame it on you being very stressed because of the situation you are in. As for the operations, I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 23 years old because I had developed cancer of the right overay, I went through several surgeries and many treatment, from pill format to iv's and cobalt treatments. Only to say I'm 51 now and worked until I hurt myself in an accident and developed Fibro because of it. It tomorrow would bring me relief I would be back at work in a minute. But I have learned that I have many problems and that first I must now treat my body more nicely and learn that my body is a temple and that if I don't treat it with the most respect then I suffer from sleep deprevation, fibrofog and mental instability sometime. I have a family and are all very helpful. My husband is now stationed in Afghan and yes I try to not worry about him and everyone else that is stationed here and there fighting the wrong some people cause. I hope you make it to State Side and I'm sure with time you will thank God everyday to have a new life to live and that every day is to be treated like a brand new day for you and your family and friends, and take nothing for granted. Your operations will go well and don't think further then that. Tomorrow is another day. Just remember if you are being stress it is because of the situation you are in being in Iraq, when you return do not be afraid to tell them you need help to speak to a counseler to make sense of everything you have seen back in Iraq. You have aright to that and a doctor that will help you through with the rest of your worries. Do not be afraid to ask the doctor about your problems and what will happen you have a right to know.
Good luck to you and think about your families and the enjoyment in life, maybe when you fall asleep you will have a smile and you will drift into a happy and safe sleep.



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