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I'm Not Falling Apart...I Have FM!
4 Replies
Canada17 - November 23

There are a few people who, since I was diagnosed, have been very thoughtful in listening to what ails me. They keep asking me how it's going and if there is something bothering me, I tell them.

I often have open discussions with them about the specific symptoms I am experiencing, because I want to bring awareness to this disease not because I want to hold a "pity party".

I think this may be detrimental to my cause though. I am getting the response back, "You're falling apart, and you're only 26!" To which I respond, "I am not falling apart, I have Fibromyalgia." A lot of people think there is no difference, and then I have to go into the whole explanation about how FM is not degenerative and does not cause "injury" to our bodies. Just makes us suffer a myriad of things to which there are no diagnostic tests to prove.

I guess it's just frustrating to know that people think I am "broken", they wouldn't say that if I was diabetic and had low/high blood sugar attack - they would say, "What can I get you?"

I will continue to talk about my FM until everyone understand what this disease means.


Fantod - November 24

I totally get it. I hate talking to other people about FMS. And, I hate feeling like I am "falling apart" whether that is actually the case or not. I just had to sit out my birthday dinner because I was too tired to go out. It was either that or risk missing Thanksgiving. Fortunately, my family is pretty understanding. "I'm broken and I can't get up" seems to be my motto lately.

Stick to your guns and keep on educating. The more people who have even a rudimentry understanding of this syndrome the better. Now, if only we could get more doctors on track...
Take care.


axxie - November 30

OH, I feel what you just wrote, I also tell people, most look at me, like I was broken. The response I get is usually, but you don't look sick, it must be in your mind! I respond with, will you look at that, I'm not broken, but I sure feel like I was, bet you, you wouldn't last a day in my body.

Or the suttle, one who looks at you, and has no clue, what you just said, fibro, is that a word...


AmandaEffy - March 1

I feel like that too. It's either two very extreme reactions on the spectrum. Either you're on your death bed or you're making it all up. I feel so frustrated. I'm not dead, I need someone to make me dinner, that's all. And because it takes me 5 minutes to go up the stairs please don't give me that look. Man how I wish I could be a normal 18 year old


Canada17 - March 2

This dis-ease will quickly teach you there is no such thing as "normal".

You can find solace in the fact that you do not have a life-threatening illness. Lupus and diabetes are a lot scarier to me than my Fibromyalgia.

When I feel a sharp pain or nauseating fatigue, I remember that my body is not broken. I take a deep breath and lay down.

I arm myself with knowledge because the more I understand the better able I am to deal with whatever this dis-ease throws my way. And, because this dis-ease is so misunderstood, there are always new articles to read.

I have conditioned myself to remember to take a break. Change positions often. Stretch. Be honest with myself about my limitations. Don't be afraid to say no.

It is difficult, but sooner or later you realize who your real friends are. Everyone has their own issues/limitations but the people who care about you will always be there for you. If you do what you can to help yourself, they will be more willing to lend a hand when you need it.



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